How can I add a URL link, or an image or bold text to a post?

It is possible to include links, photos or sgf-based diagrams.

Some examples:
1. To add diagram to your message please put sgf code between [SGFDiagram] and [/SGFDiagram]. Like this:

Use the special button on our sgf-viewer to take out the sgf file from someone’s message. Put it on any text file, save it and change the extension from .txt to .sgf

2. To put the link : [url][/url]

3. To put the e-mail: [email][/email]

4. To put the image: [img][/img]

5. Unusual text features:



[i]Italics [/i]

6.To quote someone’s message:

[quote]Does this quote text?[/quote]

7. You can use some combinations as well. Like this:


Tags can be combined: