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Frank Janssen on TV

Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
26, December, 2005 16:41   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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On the end of november i have been a guest in a television-studio. That day they took special recordings for a dutch quiz-show. For the end of the year festivities the sponsor wanted to put the spotlight on their beneficiaries, the sport-associations. The sponsor intended to inject the associations with some additional funds for special projects. I participated on behalf of the go-association. In total there were 21 candidates. Most of the participants were young sportsmen. One of the topics they spoke about was the quality of the lease-cars they are getting as being topsporters for the Netherlands. The catering and hospitality that day was enjoyable, beside a lunch we got a warm buffet aswell. We enjoyed that with our supporters, in my case my mother like most of the other candidates. Furthermore the chief-editor of the dutch go-magazine escorted me. To barge the hot news: i wasn't able to win the million euro. Sadly i have to say i even didn't make it to the hotseat, where the quizmaster will pose you the questions. Luckily each association got 2.500 euro for being represented, so it wasn't a wasted day. I had fun in peeking behind the scenes. Now i know how the television audience is led to believe. They make a large amount of recordings, but if anything goes wrong, they just retake the shot, cutting the picture at a later stage does the rest. This day in the studio there were a lot of technical difficulties. The three planned recordings of the afternoon-session only got done half, so we had a lot of catching up to do in the evening-session. Now i must fill you in on my representation, which became an anticlimax. I was under the impression that they would give many candidates a chance in the hotseat. If the quizmaster would give you the silent hint: " this is a nice sum, isn't it", then it was expected of the participater to stop trying to win the jackpot. But after the recordings started nothing of these intension could be realised. The celebrity biljart-player was the first candidate in the hot-seat. He took over 15 minutes to think about his answers. The second recording i had a chance making it into the hotseat, however i spoiled my two opportunities. First by pushing the wrong button, at the second question i typed to fastly, so i forgot to press the carriage return/enter-button. ( i never had training in this ) The third recording another celebrity took the hotseat and remained in there untill the end of the day. I regret my actions, specially since i was under the impresion that i was doing better then most of the candidates. My main complaint is the fact that the quizmaster helps the candidates, beyond all rulings. In the manner they handled the recordings it became more like a lottery. Remains for me to thank my supporters in the hours of truth. Frank Janssen

Re: Frank Janssen on TV
Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
26, December, 2005 16:43   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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