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games from 1 round

Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
15, January, 2006 01:49   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[TheCaptain]PB[backpast]WR[4d]BR[9d]DT[2006-01-14]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[backpast [9d?\]: have a good game!
TheCaptain [4d\]: Hello...all the best...lets have fun
;B[pn]CR[pn]BL[3788.916]LB[oc:C][pc:B][qc:A][od:D][oe:E]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: some people play this against me and i find it so very, very difficult to respond to
backpast [9d?\]: kakari is normal, but which choice is better?
backpast [9d?\]: personally I prefer D and E
;B[id]CR[id]BL[3443.919]C[D239500800 [-\]: go captain!
;W[lc]CR[lc]WL[3634.069]C[ItachiSan [14k\]: why does backpast put he was 5d?
;B[nc]CR[nc]BL[3370.638]C[stratego [-\]: Am put that, not backpast :) maybe only for pairing purpose
;W[ke]CR[ke]WL[3628.299]C[ItachiSan [14k\]: oh icic
ItachiSan [14k\]: nice to know ^^
;B[ig]CR[ig]BL[3337.05]C[Area53 [9k\]: I think it's a bit lame to play in an amateur torunament as professional...
;B[ji]CR[ji]BL[3274.424]C[ItachiSan [14k\]: well as long its for fun... though yea... but hey it should still be fun
Area53 [9k\]: The more so as money's involved.
crosscutt [11k\]: how much to the winner?
;W[nf]CR[nf]WL[3564.178]C[Area53 [9k\]: 150$
crosscutt [11k\]: :
crosscutt [11k\]: :)
;B[mi]CR[mi]BL[3173.076]C[Area53 [9k\]: 200
;B[lq]CR[lq]BL[3109.558]C[crosscutt [11k\]: ¤¤¤
crosscutt [11k\]: $
hikari99 [3d\]: good to see w is playing serious
;W[kq]CR[kq]WL[3504.495]C[hikari99 [3d\]: good 5 minutes of clock gone, and he has weird shape everywhere
;W[jo]CR[jo]WL[3500.775]C[PAG2 [-\]: really strange shapes..
crosscutt [11k\]: who?
Kiyomaro [15k\]: cap , of couse
hikari99 [3d\]: w's center play was odd
hugogogo [5k\]: i just hope it will end in a big fight
;W[ch]CR[ch]WL[3489.708]C[crosscutt [11k\]: yeahÄ!!
;W[ci]CR[ci]WL[3476.476]C[D239500800 [-\]: who doesn't want a big fight?
(;W[pq]CR[pq]WL[3342.143]C[PAG2 [-\]: D239 .. the captain doesn't ?
crosscutt [11k\]: whut
;B[bd]CR[bd]BL[2892.879]C[crosscutt [11k\]: captians want fight
PAG2 [-\]: well.. fight against somebody of your strength is good.. but somebody supposedly 5 stones stronger.. not sure
;W[op]CR[op]WL[3298.72]C[crosscutt [11k\]: how is he supposed to win? NO FEAR
;B[pp]CR[pp]BL[2877.152]C[PAG2 [-\]: no a question of fear.. question of sense
;W[ec]CR[ec]WL[3227.237]C[Fukurokuji [12k\]: no need to win he is having fun
;B[bb]CR[bb]BL[2842.196]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: thanks
backpast [9d?\]: thx
backpast [9d?\]: Q3 was too early
backpast [9d?\]: the game was still close
;B[rj]CR[rj]C[backpast [9d?\]: like this
TheCaptain [4d\]: i see
TheCaptain [4d\]: believe it or not...i didnt even notice my upper left was in danger
backpast [9d?\]: :)
TheCaptain [4d\]: alex...can you just take a moment please and answer a question?
backpast [9d?\]: sure
TheCaptain [4d\]: I find this fuseki very hard to play against...blacks i mean
backpast [9d?\]: you have a control
backpast [9d?\]: it was invented by Ishida Akira
TheCaptain [4d\]: what is the best way for w to deal with those two large black keimas in the opening
backpast [9d?\]: 30 years ago
;W[ng]CR[ng]C[backpast [9d?\]: the first way
TheCaptain [4d\]: i see
backpast [9d?\]: the corner is large, but
backpast [9d?\]: B has no moyo now
;B[qd]CR[qd]LB[qc:A][kd:B]C[backpast [9d?\]: both moves are joseki
TheCaptain [4d\]: ok
backpast [9d?\]: but B is better now
backpast [9d?\]: preventing Black from making the moyo
;W[jp]CR[jp]C[backpast [9d?\]: the second way
backpast [9d?\]: quite comfortable for W too
backpast [9d?\]: more questions?
backpast [9d?\]: :)
TheCaptain [4d\]: no...thats great
backpast [9d?\]: ok, thx
TheCaptain [4d\]: thanks
backpast [9d?\]: see you!
TheCaptain [4d\]: bye

Re: games from 1 round
Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
15, January, 2006 01:50   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[jim]PB[CycaHuH]WR[7d]DT[2006-01-14]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[jim [7d\]: hi
CycaHuH [-\]: hi
CycaHuH [-\]: LARGE MASTER GO, 1, 1
;W[dm]CR[dm]WL[3697.189]C[TblKBA [6k\]: D16 ещё не умер...
;W[qi]CR[qi]WL[3571.167]C[hugogogo [5k\]: who's white?
hugogogo [5k\]: a russian player?
;B[qj]CR[qj]BL[3001.963]C[hugogogo [5k\]: black i mean
;B[qr]CR[qr]BL[2831.9]C[TblKBA [6k\]: нуы
TblKBA [6k\]: yes
;B[hs]CR[hs]BL[761.753]C[blah2: ...
;W[bj]CR[bj]WL[2045.765]C[zhixiang [5k\]: f9
;B[ie]CR[ie]BL[440.532]C[zhixiang [5k\]: o18
;W[kk]CR[kk]WL[1875.162]C[pick2 [6k\]: difficult for me like 6K to decide which one is the biggest
;W[jk]CR[jk]WL[1856.043]C[zhixiang [5k\]: seems w backfire
zhixiang [5k\]: o19?
;B[jm]CR[jm]BL[344.334]C[zhixiang [5k\]: b will reduce...
zhixiang [5k\]: j7 no choice
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
pick2 [6k\]: i guess they have a hard time to count too
zhixiang [5k\]: really....
pick2 [6k\]: did they leave?
zhixiang [5k\]: where is jim
zhixiang [5k\]: dc?
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
pick2 [6k\]: maybe connection pb
zhixiang [5k\]: think so too since only played halfway
zhixiang [5k\]: dc for so long?
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
zhixiang [5k\]: here he comes
pick2 [6k\]: jim's cartoon is interesting!
zhixiang [5k\]: or he escaped?
pick2 [6k\]: maybe a connection problem again
zhixiang [5k\]: he's back at english room
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
zhixiang [5k\]: but not coming back to game
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
zhixiang [5k\]: obvious
zhixiang [5k\]: he's gone again maybe really dc
zhixiang [5k\]: back again
zhixiang [5k\]: hahahaha
zhixiang [5k\]: i hope he finish the game
pick2 [6k\]: what is dc?
zhixiang [5k\]: disconnected
pick2 [6k\]: i c
zhixiang [5k\]: maybe he is interested in playing with 9d
pick2 [6k\]: dan players, how do you estimate now?
zhixiang [5k\]: rapyuta opened a game ...
zhixiang [5k\]: he is 9d
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
zhixiang [5k\]: all go out better since jim not coming back
zhixiang [5k\]: dun waste time
zhixiang [5k\]: ahahhaha
zhixiang [5k\]: bye everybody
zhixiang [5k\]: he's back
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
zhixiang [5k\]: seems im staying abit more
;W[im]CR[im]WL[1780.984]C[zhixiang [5k\]: hahaha
jim [7d\]: sorry I was disconected
;B[fk]CR[fk]BL[329.367]C[zhixiang [5k\]: for a very time
zhixiang [5k\]: long
luisaG [25k\]: yes
luisaG [25k\]: ^^
pick2 [6k\]: it happens
zhixiang [5k\]: f9 expected
CycaHuH [-\]: ok.. no problem
;W[gl]CR[gl]WL[1751.664]C[zhixiang [5k\]: for reducing w's territory
;W[hk]CR[hk]WL[1749.27]C[zhixiang [5k\]: sounds kinda upset for cycahuh
;B[ko]CR[ko]BL[293.023]C[pick2 [6k\]: we cannot control connection problem
;W[kp]CR[kp]WL[1726.778]C[zhixiang [5k\]: maybe he can use it to weaken cycahuh concentration
zhixiang [5k\]: its a very good way
zhixiang [5k\]: somewhere ard n19 area perhaps
;B[dk]CR[dk]BL[225]C[zhixiang [5k\]: a11
;W[ai]CR[ai]WL[1691.505]C[zhixiang [5k\]: can they see our comments?
Felmer [17k\]: no
;B[ag]CR[ag]BL[225]C[luisaG [25k\]: no
zhixiang [5k\]: in the past free games, the players r able to see our comments
zhixiang [5k\]: now they have changed?
pick2 [6k\]: it looks to me that this is a komi game.
pick2 [6k\]: they cannot see
zhixiang [5k\]: good
zhixiang [5k\]: i hope its fair for both of them
zhixiang [5k\]: o18 or c8 which is bigger
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
zhixiang [5k\]: of course o18
pick2 [6k\]: dan players or others, could you comment and estimate the game for us?
;B[nb]CR[nb]BL[225]C[zhixiang [5k\]: lol
;W[mb]CR[mb]WL[1427.032]C[zhixiang [5k\]: w gote
;B[nc]CR[nc]BL[225]C[Sand [2d\]: pick2: i just arrived but by my count w ahead by a few points
zhixiang [5k\]: of course
pick2 [6k\]: thx
;W[cg]CR[cg]WL[1406.254]C[zhixiang [5k\]: but b picking up
;B[nd]CR[nd]BL[180]C[reivilo [29k?\]: why has w so much time left?
zhixiang [5k\]: n16 no other choice
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
pick2 [6k\]: Sand, did your estimation count komi too?
Sand [2d\]: surely
zhixiang [5k\]: from se
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
pick2 [6k\]: Thx, Sand
zhixiang [5k\]: ... he's gone again
Stonehenge [10k\]: why again ?
csgo [?\]: j15?
zhixiang [5k\]: earlier he was dc
zhixiang [5k\]: now again...
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
;W[md]CR[md]WL[1258.796]C[zhixiang [5k\]: a14
;B[af]CR[af]BL[180]C[zhixiang [5k\]: lol
Stonehenge [10k\]: k6
zhixiang [5k\]: f8 enough
adwue [14k\]: j14?
Sand [2d\]: f12
Sand [2d\]: maybe can get d13 sente
zhixiang [5k\]: yes
Ringelpiez [13k\]: shouldn't he save d13 as ko-threat?
Sand [2d\]: not in late yose
zhixiang [5k\]: no
Ringelpiez [13k\]: ok ..
Sand [2d\]: other big points, g18, k6
Stonehenge [10k\]: j16 not big ?
zhixiang [5k\]: go for sente i think
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
zhixiang [5k\]: j16 not much threat
Stonehenge [10k\]: well it threatens j14 which is big then
;W[ih]CR[ih]WL[994.806]C[zhixiang [5k\]: threatens?
;B[ig]CR[ig]BL[180]C[zhixiang [5k\]: dun think so
;B[dp]CR[dp]BL[180]C[zhixiang [5k\]: this is a super long game
zhixiang [5k\]: cause of dc
;W[el]CR[el]WL[829.95]C[tenkou: whats dc?
Sand [2d\]: w pwr yose
;B[ib]CR[ib]BL[180]C[zhixiang [5k\]: j17 only move i tot?
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
zhixiang [5k\]: gote no choice
zhixiang [5k\]: need to think so long...
zhixiang [5k\]: other moves perhaps
Hu [11k?\]: DC = Direct Current.
zhixiang [5k\]: or he is thinking of any trap
zhixiang [5k\]: ahhaahhaa
zhixiang [5k\]: yose already
;B[gb]CR[gb]BL[180]C[pick2 [6k\]: my guess is that Jim is doing something else while playing this game.
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
pick2 [6k\]: also from time to ttime he is disconencted or lagging
zhixiang [5k\]: its boring
Arturas [6k\]: simple his conecction is very bad today
Sand [2d\]: perhaps he is thinking of the best response :D
zhixiang [5k\]: too long...
zhixiang [5k\]: if early game
zhixiang [5k\]: still ok
pick2 [6k\]: this is their game, and time setting is theirs
zhixiang [5k\]: ...
tned [7k\]: he has right to use his time:p
zhixiang [5k\]: i noe
zhixiang [5k\]: dc again
zhixiang [5k\]: 3rd time?
zhixiang [5k\]: hahaahha
zhixiang [5k\]: or else such a critical move he will surely eat or connect
;W[bd]CR[bd]WL[389.591]C[zhixiang [5k\]: f5
;B[dd]CR[dd]BL[180]C[zhixiang [5k\]: hopes b18 will not result in seki later
;W[en]CR[en]WL[259.26]C[zhixiang [5k\]: f6
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
;W[jn]CR[jn]WL[225]C[zhixiang [5k\]: k6
;W[fm]CR[fm]WL[225]C[zhixiang [5k\]: d8
;W[cl]CR[cl]WL[225]C[zhixiang [5k\]: k16
;W[hj]CR[hj]WL[225]C[Stonehenge [10k\]: L12
;W[rh]CR[rh]WL[225]C[zhixiang [5k\]: very close
;W[qh]CR[qh]WL[225]C[Aleksm [4k?\]: E19
;B[fa]CR[fa]BL[135]C[zhixiang [5k\]: cya all guys
;B[mg]CR[mg]BL[135]C[MadKongo [10k\]: white wins
;B[]BL[135]TW[aa][ba][ca][ja][ka][ra][sa][ab][cb][ib][kb][lb][rb][ac][cc][kc][rc][sc][ld][ii][ij][jj][ak][bk][ik][al][bl][hl][il][cm][em][gm][hm][cn][hn][ho][no][lp][mp][np][jq][kq][lq][mq][jr][lr][mr][ls][ms]TB[ob][fc][oc][fd][gd][od][ee][fe][he][ff][gf][hf][fg][gg][sg][si][rj][sj][sk][ll][ml][sl][lm][mm][sm][rn][sn][ro][so][sp][aq][bq][cq][eq][fq][gq][rq][sq][ar][br][cr][dr][er][fr][gr][rr][sr][as][bs][cs][ds][es][fs][gs][qs][rs][ss]C[jim [7d\]: thx
CycaHuH [-\]: thx
jim [7d\]: sorry I was disconected many times
jim [7d\]: my conection was really bad
jim [7d\]: see u

Re: games from 1 round
Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
15, January, 2006 01:51   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[kaleopa]PB[flyingo]WR[5d]BR[9d]DT[2006-01-14]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[kaleopa [5d\]: hi
flyingo [9d\]: hi
;W[dq]CR[dq]WL[3821.69]C[TblKBA [6k\]: ждем сенсации
;B[cd]CR[cd]BL[3742.208]C[golem59 [18k\]: блин, столько партий интересных
RKiller23 [5k\]: афигеть )))
;W[qp]CR[qp]WL[3787.875]C[GoGoPlaya [19k\]: tolko russaki?
GoGoPlaya [19k\]: ;-)
;W[ep]CR[ep]WL[3781.204]C[Sand [2d\]: kosumi!
;W[of]CR[of]WL[2514.807]C[Anaxagoras [11k\]: o11
PAG2 [-\]: the last 9D game still on in the tournament
;W[gg]CR[gg]WL[2451.307]C[Lem [-\]: Артем хороший блитцер
;B[gf]CR[gf]BL[1521.163]C[Lem [-\]: russaki - мне понравилось )))
;B[mh]CR[mh]BL[1443.261]C[tildebis [17k\]: ?
;W[li]CR[li]WL[2379.257]C[tildebis [17k\]: does not work ...
tildebis [17k\]: one more liberty needed for B
Lem [-\]: кирдык. У нас это так называют )))
Lem [-\]: не везет флайинго )
;W[pg]CR[pg]WL[2368.233]C[partisan [18k\]: n12 was for against o12
;B[pj]CR[pj]BL[1358.311]C[go [11k?\]: sacrifice
;B[rf]CR[rf]BL[1355.623]C[tildebis [17k\]: no why ?
;W[dc]CR[dc]WL[2341.137]C[Lem [-\]: хотя я может погорячился. Баланс то в чью? партию не сначала смотрел
;W[ci]CR[ci]WL[2302.916]C[tildebis [17k\]: I don't understand D17 ?
;B[di]CR[di]BL[1326.006]C[tildebis [17k\]: with Black Stone in E16
Jazzman [4k\]: probing move, porbably
;B[dh]CR[dh]BL[1317.589]C[tildebis [17k\]: ok
;W[bj]CR[bj]WL[2238.37]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: yes, tildebis...that is a standard kind of probing move....to test the opponents response...
;B[ck]CR[ck]BL[1307.079]C[tildebis [17k\]: I see
TheCaptain [4d\]: later...depending on how opponent responds, it may allow the person making the probing move to have an advantage in yose, or , say, a fight he intends to start elsewhere
tildebis [17k\]: and I understand also Black moves around O10
tildebis [17k\]: ok
tildebis [17k\]: thx
Jazzman [4k\]: and if one knows about fights, it's theCaptain :-)
hikari99 [3d\]: lol
pytta [10k?\]: poor kaleopa :o
partisan [18k\]: your read attack and kill from kato cap?
TheCaptain [4d\]: yes, that is a great book partisan
partisan [18k\]: :)
marius1 [?\]: maybe 98 k 11 was mistake
TheCaptain [4d\]: kato really teaches you how to have a bloodthirsty spirit
jellyroll [7k\]: the sequel - defend and die... is also good.
partisan [18k\]: i will read again when iam 10k :)
TheCaptain [4d\]: But, because of the big front cover on that book, and because many people dont know what Go is....
marius1 [?\]: result is terribly bad for black
;W[cl]CR[cl]WL[2097.491]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: I dont recommend reading it on an airplane, or in the NY subwqay
Jazzman [4k\]: lol
PAG2 [-\]: which book is that?
guest101 [17k\]: lol
;B[bk]CR[bk]BL[1280.106]C[partisan [18k\]: hehe thx for that recommendation, going to new york soon
;W[cn]CR[cn]WL[2038.306]C[pytta [10k?\]: yow
TheCaptain [4d\]: you know...this is one of those deceptive games...
TheCaptain [4d\]: w made a large capture in the upper centre..and it feels like he is doing great
TheCaptain [4d\]: but actually black as a big solid lead
;B[bm]CR[bm]BL[1212.844]C[Am [6d\]: how big?
jellyroll [7k\]: i think w will reduce upper left alot
deft [3d\]: 30pt lead for B?
gavun [21k?\]: b is die
Am [6d\]: he-he
PAG2 [-\]: is there aji at e6?
TheCaptain [4d\]: how big depends on what happens in left, and whether w can exploit aji of d17 stone
hikari99 [3d\]: 10 point lead?
dotanuki [7d?\]: more like 20?
TheCaptain [4d\]: i say around ten to fifteen points
jellyroll [7k\]: so a 1 blunder lead.....
deft [3d\]: lower right corner is still indirect ko, isn't it?
;W[ee]CR[ee]WL[1885.416]C[Arctic [2d\]: lower right is alive, i think
;B[fe]CR[fe]BL[1172.294]C[go [11k?\]: S2 and ?
dotanuki [7d?\]: maybe d17 was bad
dotanuki [7d?\]: how about b16 instead?
quasigoose [?\]: cant B force 2 step ko there ?
;B[cp]CR[cp]BL[1112.026]C[PAG2 [-\]: the book says that bottom right carpenter square lives..
;B[fi]CR[fi]BL[1075.237]C[tildebis [17k\]: ?
;W[gj]CR[gj]WL[1574.375]C[tildebis [17k\]: a ko no ?
;B[gi]CR[gi]BL[1069.134]C[tildebis [17k\]: I mean the carpenter square
PAG2 [-\]: the ko is without the S5 stone
hikari99 [3d\]: it seems the game is over
tildebis [17k\]: ah true
;W[hm]CR[hm]WL[1512.492]C[PAG2 [-\]: if Black S2, then S3, Q1, R2, R1, White S1, Black takes at T1, then White T2 offers T2 and T5 to create second eye
;W[os]CR[os]WL[1503.588]C[jeronz [20k\]: [senseis.xmp.net]
PAG2 [-\]: sorry T3 offers T2 or T5 to create second eye
tildebis [17k\]: yes thx :)
;B[kr]CR[kr]BL[1012.058]C[jeronz [20k\]: vital point is s2
ruse [5k\]: s5 makes it live
ruse [5k\]: that's not carpenter's square
PAG2 [-\]: that's a variation of it :)
jeronz [20k\]: oh :P
;W[im]CR[im]WL[1453.081]C[hikari99 [3d\]: uhh
;B[jr]CR[jr]BL[995.928]C[tildebis [17k\]: white is desesperate
TblKBA [6k\]: se is desperate
;W[ir]CR[ir]WL[1429.863]C[hikari99 [3d\]: se should get some kind of upgrade..
;W[in]CR[in]WL[1421.063]C[hikari99 [3d\]: b had k5..
jeronz [20k\]: oooh s5 allows white another eye i see
hikari99 [3d\]: why not k5..
;W[io]CR[io]WL[1415.185]C[playm8 [4k?\]: black wanted 2 eyes i guess
;B[rr]CR[rr]BL[956.722]C[Fukurokuji [12k\]: huh
hikari99 [3d\]: k5 was an eye tesuji..
hikari99 [3d\]: hmm
dotanuki [7d?\]: k5 looks good indeed
PAG2 [-\]: let's see if White remembers his carpenter square variations :)
schokonick [14k\]: :-)
hikari99 [3d\]: i think i see why
pytta [10k?\]: poor jimmy
PAG2 [-\]: (now going through his "life & death" books..
quasigoose [?\]: hehe if 1 understands carpenter square he is 9p :P
jeronz [20k\]: so he just has to go t5? or s1?
aush [10k\]: s3?
;W[rq]CR[rq]WL[1339.588]C[aush [10k\]: yes!))
;B[cr]CR[cr]BL[938.338]C[PAG2 [-\]: (pst.. white.. "get strong at life & death" problem 87 .. have a look)
;B[jb]CR[jb]BL[933.387]C[hikari99 [3d\]: k5 was no good..
;W[nb]CR[nb]WL[1314.49]C[ruse [5k\]: y is it no good?
hikari99 [3d\]: b dies
jeronz [20k\]: could black use e13 as a ko threat?
;B[er]CR[er]BL[914.438]C[ruse [5k\]: no it doesnt
;W[fq]CR[fq]WL[1305.21]C[hikari99 [3d\]: oh, ok
;B[fr]CR[fr]BL[901.3]C[JkL [13k\]: B alive without
jeronz [20k\]: oh
hikari99 [3d\]: b lead getting big..
PAG2 [-\]: B+15 ?
PAG2 [-\]: B+20?
;W[kd]CR[kd]WL[1234.872]C[hikari99 [3d\]: i'd have to say +20
;W[kc]CR[kc]WL[1193.505]C[hikari99 [3d\]: m15 w00t
PAG2 [-\]: m15 allows N13 to come in?
PAG2 [-\]: nah..
hikari99 [3d\]: yes
hikari99 [3d\]: sente becuz of that
;B[md]CR[md]BL[767.861]C[kiddy [1k\]: how about w R17 R18 and all this?
hikari99 [3d\]: uh
;W[mc]CR[mc]WL[1107.412]C[tildebis [17k\]: O15
hikari99 [3d\]: this move is bad?
tildebis [17k\]: arg
hikari99 [3d\]: w gets j17
ruse [5k\]: roughly b+ 27?
hikari99 [3d\]: i think this is a slip by b
;W[ic]CR[ic]WL[1102.979]C[PAG2 [-\]: j15 was not sente .. threatening at 015?
pytta [10k?\]: B is in an instance in World of Warcraft
bazik [-\]: how come an answer to r17 is too obvious to discuss it?
hikari99 [3d\]: q19>r18 too. that's reduction enough
hotspur [2k\]: cos of O15 cut
;W[ja]CR[ja]WL[1099.376]C[hikari99 [3d\]: game much closer
PAG2 [-\]: black must be quite unhappy of this :)
;B[gr]CR[gr]BL[603.354]C[kiddy [1k\]: well i believe w r17 more proffit than just reduction... if it works
;W[ff]CR[ff]WL[1091.339]C[kiddy [1k\]: h19
;W[ha]CR[ha]WL[1088.427]C[bazik [-\]: i believe b will answer at r18
;B[gb]CR[gb]BL[588.168]C[kiddy [1k\]: ok
tildebis [17k\]: no
Soratobu: b did on purpose ?
tildebis [17k\]: does'nt work
;B[fb]CR[fb]BL[581.402]C[tildebis [17k\]: even R17, Q17
;B[qa]CR[qa]BL[578.371]C[bazik [-\]: hmm finally i saw it
hikari99 [3d\]: b only wins by 12 at this rate, i think
hikari99 [3d\]: tesuji
;B[pc]CR[pc]BL[572.517]C[PAG2 [-\]: let's see :)
;W[qb]CR[qb]WL[1026.872]C[bazik [-\]: yes, r19 feels a mistake
;B[oa]CR[oa]BL[568.011]C[hikari99 [3d\]: goodness
;W[ra]CR[ra]WL[1025.457]C[hikari99 [3d\]: what's b doing..
;B[pa]CR[pa]BL[555.199]C[tildebis [17k\]: ???
Batavia [11k\]: deffetly playing wow
bazik [-\]: hmmm he had it counted :-(
hikari99 [3d\]: s17?
;B[qh]CR[qh]BL[550.827]C[PAG2 [-\]: he thought he won.. so gave the mouse to his little sis?
deft [3d\]: W can't cut there
;W[rc]CR[rc]WL[993.056]C[hikari99 [3d\]: hmm
hikari99 [3d\]: ah!
bazik [-\]: shouldn't b make sure w will answer o15 earlier
hikari99 [3d\]: double atari
hikari99 [3d\]: or is it..
hikari99 [3d\]: but..w has a chance ^^;;;
ruse [5k\]: t18 just solves everything no?
Stonehenge [10k\]: s17 is strong
Fukurokuji [12k\]: no
;W[sb]CR[sb]WL[988.604]C[sheehan [4d\]: what time the second round is to be played? anyone knows?
ruse [5k\]: ...
;B[hj]CR[hj]BL[464.608]C[ruse [5k\]: i wonder why he didnt just t18
bazik [-\]: w would r15
saxo [3k\]: then R16
;W[gl]CR[gl]WL[970.078]C[ruse [5k\]: then just r16
Soratobu: 0.5 point game ?
dotanuki [7d?\]: hmm
sheehan [4d\]: anyone knows?
;B[gq]CR[gq]BL[429.41]C[raysky [25k?\]: yes
BL[426.663]C[ruse [5k\]: guess it doesnt work...
PAG2 [-\]: looks like white did pretty well in the last 30 moves..
;W[is]CR[is]WL[943.51]C[hikari99 [3d\]: ugh
Soratobu: ouch
hikari99 [3d\]: m3 dies anyway
Wyona [15k\]: but if BT18 - WR16 then BR15
;B[dp]CR[dp]BL[406.558]C[giak2w [1d\]: H4 work right?
hikari99 [3d\]: h3
;W[hp]CR[hp]WL[928.225]C[sheehan [4d\]: anyone know what time is tomorrow second round please?
Wyona [15k\]: and W can't cut in Q15 because douuble atari
hikari99 [3d\]: it worked
;W[fp]CR[fp]WL[926.743]C[hikari99 [3d\]: goodness. b wanted to make this close
backpast [9d?\]: 5pmGMT, same as today
sheehan [4d\]: thanks backpast
;B[bd]CR[bd]BL[366.643]C[PAG2 [-\]: blac like dramatic effects :)
;W[aj]CR[aj]WL[914.196]C[hikari99 [3d\]: b still winning v_v
meleebunny [20k\]: close tho
;B[jm]CR[jm]BL[349.222]C[sheehan [4d\]: backpast, who takes black?
sheehan [4d\]: by draw?
backpast [9d?\]: yes
sheehan [4d\]: so, it is to be published on the website tomorrow, right?
hikari99 [3d\]: i think b going for .5
backpast [9d?\]: yes
;W[ak]CR[ak]WL[826.284]C[sheehan [4d\]: what time would you know it is to be published then, last quesiton thx
Azrel [14k\]: Black A12?
zban [6k?\]: w wins
meleebunny [20k\]: its been a close game
deft [3d\]: no he doesnt' zban
;B[al]CR[al]BL[327.139]C[backpast [9d?\]: no idea, it's better to ask "Am"
;B[so]CR[so]BL[322.812]C[deft [3d\]: B is letting him catch up a little, but no way he will let him win
zban [6k?\]: u can't count?
;W[qr]CR[qr]WL[804.704]C[Lem [-\]: b is ahead for sure
;B[js]CR[js]BL[308.094]C[sheehan [4d\]: AM, what time should I check the website tomorrow for the paring and the color?
;B[sn]CR[sn]BL[300.366]C[giak2w [1d\]: T16 ?
hggg: does B want to make tie :)
hikari99 [3d\]: maybe
hikari99 [3d\]: cruel guy must not like dogs
ruse [5k\]: cruel guy loves dogs
;W[oe]CR[oe]WL[742.384]C[Batavia [11k\]: A11 B11 A13 A14 A12 anything?
MaxMakinen [11k\]: how come the game has 0.5komi?
tildebis [17k\]: yes
dotanuki [7d?\]: ops
go [11k?\]: probably teaching game
dotanuki [7d?\]: didnt see that lol
tetora [5k\]: are w dieing?
MaxMakinen [11k\]: no this is tournament
MaxMakinen [11k\]: isnt it?
hikari99 [3d\]: is it supposed to have komi?
MaxMakinen [11k\]: so why the 6.5komi?
MaxMakinen [11k\]: sorry
dotanuki [7d?\]: w won?
MaxMakinen [11k\]: why the 0.5komi?
abdelkader: B a13
PAG2 [-\]: strange.. why 0.5 instead of 6.5 ....
hikari99 [3d\]: o_o
MaxMakinen [11k\]: yeah...
hikari99 [3d\]: other tournament game has komi 6.5
Wyona [15k\]: W is alive there
MaxMakinen [11k\]: isnt this master go tournament?
hikari99 [3d\]: i think this game is supposed to have komi, so w wins
;B[sd]CR[sd]BL[225]C[dotanuki [7d?\]: with komi 6,5 w wins
dotanuki [7d?\]: yep
Wyona [15k\]: don't forget M13 is die
;W[rd]CR[rd]WL[732.331]C[Leexiang [6d\]: Black wins 3,5 points, white loses a lot
;W[sc]CR[sc]WL[730.667]C[abdelkader: why not A13
;B[hs]CR[hs]BL[225]C[Sand [2d\]: a13 or a11, does work !
Fukurokuji [12k\]: M13 is dead
;W[na]CR[na]WL[718.202]C[Sand [2d\]: oh
Druen [6k\]: :D
;W[iq]CR[iq]WL[713.987]C[Joemac [-\]: simple, when one of them accept the challenge, they forgot after eliminaiting the handicap stone too add the komi to 6.5
MaxMakinen [11k\]: heh
Joemac [-\]: at least in the most logical answer
MaxMakinen [11k\]: yeah
MaxMakinen [11k\]: white wins with komi?
tetora [5k\]: why not A13
PAG2 [-\]: a13 looks good..
Damir [9k\]: L3 ?
Fukurokuji [12k\]: M13 dead
giak2w [1d\]: wasn't throw in at J3 one more point for B?
abdelkader: yep , why not a13
Druen [6k\]: M!# DEAD
hggg: A11 B11 A13 A14 and W dead??
;B[af]CR[af]BL[180]C[Druen [6k\]: M13
;W[ag]CR[ag]WL[711.509]C[MaxMakinen [11k\]: a13 doesnt kill since m13 is dead
bazik [-\]: gaaaa how many will still ask about a13?
;B[ae]CR[ae]BL[180]C[Fukurokuji [12k\]: abdelkade M13 is dead
Druen [6k\]: huaaaah
tetora [5k\]: ??
;W[ps]CR[ps]WL[700.181]C[tetora [5k\]: why not A 13...
Sand [2d\]: p16
;B[pl]CR[pl]BL[180]C[Druen [6k\]: ...
;W[df]CR[df]WL[689.745]C[go [11k?\]: because it is bad to give stones away
Sand [2d\]: oh nm i am terrible
hikari99 [3d\]: uh
;W[pe]CR[pe]WL[686.751]C[quasigoose [?\]: strange yose by black
;B[]BL[180]TW[ka][la][ma][sa][jb][lb][mb][rb][jc][ne][nf][bg][jg][kg][lg][mg][ng][og][ah][lh][mh][ai][bi][ni][mj][nj][lk][fm][gm][mm][en][fn][gn][hn][eo][fo][go][ho][ip][qq][sq][rr][sr][qs][rs][ss]TB[aa][ba][ca][da][ea][ab][bb][cb][db][eb][ac][bc][dc][ec][fc][gc][ad][fd][gd][ge][he][sf][rg][sh][qi][ri][si][qj][sj][rk][sk][ql][sl][am][qm][sm][an][kn][ao][bo][ap][bp][aq][bq][dq][ar][br][dr][mr][as][bs][cs][ds][es][fs][gs][ks][ls]C[abdelkader: but a13 kill white no?
Batavia [11k\]: too bad about that komi
Fukurokuji [12k\]: nooooooooo
jgvybjuj: w wins
charlysai [26k?\]: lol
hikari99 [3d\]: w+komi??
MaxMakinen [11k\]: Guys you realise this game has 0.5komi right?
PAG2 [-\]: komi 6.5 give white a win?
jgvybjuj: you forgot the komi
Samothrace [9k?\]: O1
jgvybjuj: so w wins
zban [6k?\]: w wins
Lem [-\]: w wins
PAG2 [-\]: w wins
gr00by [12k\]: :)
hikari99 [3d\]: w won
jim502: no, b wins.
flyingo [9d\]: you win
zban [6k?\]: mis in set up
analeah [13k\]: lol
quasigoose [?\]: komi was 0.5 so B wins
MaxMakinen [11k\]: w wins, they forgot komi :)
hggg: play again:P
jgvybjuj: congrats kaleopa
Lem [-\]: калеопа герой )))
bilgesu [18k?\]: congratulations
go [11k?\]: doh
bilgesu [18k?\]: nice game
Lem [-\]: it was even tournament
kaleopa [5d\]: ok. thank you for the game
flyingo [9d\]: thx
playm8 [4k?\]: what is the website?
Lem [-\]: сколько выиграл то?
stoked [18k\]: are there only even games in this tournament?
Lem [-\]: 1.5 очка
flyingo [9d\]: w won
go [11k?\]: dumb question , but who won ?
PAG2 [-\]: pfff.. 3am here .. time for bed.. congrats to players.
go [11k?\]: ok, thx
ruse [5k\]: those darn mistakes on top cost black the game
abdelkader: why not a13 here
ruse [5k\]: he was leading quite comfortably though
tetora [5k\]: he knows his winning
ruse [5k\]: a13 doesnt kill
abdelkader: why
rasca [17k\]: can anyone explain why not A13?
ruse [5k\]: look at k13
rasca [17k\]: ok
MaxMakinen [11k\]: rasca, becouse k13 was dead
Am [6d\]: flyingo, r u here?
flyingo [9d\]: yes
tetora [5k\]: oh
abdelkader: oh yes , sorry
Am [6d\]: komi is 0 here ;-)
flyingo [9d\]: yes,my mistake
Am [6d\]: have to be 6.5
flyingo [9d\]: w won1.5
jeronz [20k\]: if ba13, w a14 makes it safe tho right?
ruse [5k\]: yea jeron
Am [6d\]: if u accept it thank you very much! ;-))
sheehan [4d\]: AM, what time is the next round info. available tomorrow?
jeronz [20k\]: cool thnx
kaleopa [5d\]: thx, good buy :)
Am [6d\]: next time same as this time

Re: games from 1 round
Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
15, January, 2006 01:52   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[faraon]PB[roln111]WR[6d]BR[9d]DT[2006-01-14]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]RE[B+Resign]
;B[qd]CR[qd]BL[3768.118]C[faraon [6d\]: Large MASTER номер_стола 4 номер_тура 1
;W[hc]CR[hc]WL[3708.374]C[hugogogo [5k\]: heh bonn echance faraon :)
;W[dl]CR[dl]WL[3269.539]C[dolphyfan [21k\]: nice time limit. tournament game?
;W[ld]CR[ld]WL[3260.802]C[R [4k\]: yes
;B[kp]CR[kp]BL[3101.315]C[Fredrik [-\]: kgs tournament?
;W[nr]CR[nr]WL[2941.644]C[stratego [-\]: weiqi.ru/master
stratego [-\]: official site of the tournament, Fredrik
;B[lr]CR[lr]BL[3014.281]C[BuckCentre [22k?\]: white has... too much cash?
binohit [29k?\]: roln111 black ? he has a better rank than faraon
dotanuki [7d?\]: b is winning
;W[jn]CR[jn]WL[2848.883]C[Tipota: he does
AngelMilk [3k\]: in a tournament, some games are quite unfair
;B[hp]CR[hp]BL[2999.766]C[BuckCentre [22k?\]: white is winning?
dotanuki [7d?\]: nop
binohit [29k?\]: ok
dotanuki [7d?\]: w doesnt have near enough
;W[hq]CR[hq]WL[2826.25]C[BuckCentre [22k?\]: what do you mean?
dotanuki [7d?\]: i mean he is losing lol
Soeren [7k\]: but somtimes, funny things happen in unequal games
;B[in]CR[in]BL[2981.625]C[TKo [7k?\]: 4 ex.?
BuckCentre [22k?\]: how is white losing? he seems to have a really big territory on the left, and my amateur eyes don't see much for black
;W[oo]CR[oo]WL[2796.878]C[AngelMilk [3k\]: black has better position
dotanuki [7d?\]: b has a really strong position
marius1 [?\]: black thick in center
;B[po]CR[po]BL[2954.422]C[BuckCentre [22k?\]: is it just because of the center blob?
Soeren [7k\]: there is still room for trouble
dotanuki [7d?\]: and w is not going to keep all the points
TblKBA [6k\]: i dont like P5
;W[ip]CR[ip]WL[2769.354]C[R [4k\]: p5 defends from cutting in sente
;B[ks]CR[ks]BL[2916.441]C[TblKBA [6k\]: there was no cut before K1
;W[jm]CR[jm]WL[2742.563]C[R [4k\]: u r right
;B[km]CR[km]BL[2906.806]C[TblKBA [6k\]: now i c what w wanted, but hes getting into troubles
TblKBA [6k\]: imho
;W[jl]CR[jl]WL[2701.561]C[Fernell [10k\]: H1 is killing B?? :)
Soeren [7k\]: not really
;B[nn]CR[nn]BL[2831.362]C[marius1 [?\]: L2 H1
R [4k\]: H2 and L2 are miai
BuckCentre [22k?\]: what's miai?
TblKBA [6k\]: w asked for troubles, w got them
Tipota: means you left 2 options
Tipota: or more
BuckCentre [22k?\]: I see
marius1 [?\]: means white can t play both
BuckCentre [22k?\]: thank you :)
Soeren [7k\]: well, i think the game is already won for black
TKo [7k?\]: still this cut
marius1 [?\]: N6 seemeed vital point to me
laurens [15k\]: se is funny :P
BuckCentre [22k?\]: um... I just beat a [19k?\] player... why is my rank still at 22k?
;W[mn]CR[mn]WL[2519.12]C[TKo [7k?\]: do it more times ^^
Avocastic [13k\]: kgs is slow at changing ranks
TKo [7k?\]: it is good so
R [4k\]: the vital point is between "undo" and "close" buttoms ;)
BuckCentre [22k?\]: I just beat him and clicked the "x" button
TKo [7k?\]: i cant click this
crazyboy [2k\]: kgs is really slow at change ranks
BuckCentre [22k?\]: I see..
BuckCentre [22k?\]: but how is it slow?
TKo [7k?\]: but too fast 4 me ^
;B[mp]CR[mp]BL[2716.538]C[crazyboy [2k\]: see my ranking
Avocastic [13k\]: if u get solid then it is really slow
;B[mm]CR[mm]BL[2707.262]C[TKo [7k?\]: i had a solid rank
crazyboy [2k\]: me too
tildebis [17k\]: M7 ?
;W[on]CR[on]WL[2475.995]C[TKo [7k?\]: but after a time no playing...
Tsche [1k\]: n7 bad
BuckCentre [22k?\]: when does it become solid?
TKo [7k?\]: dunno y :(
;B[nm]CR[nm]BL[2690.501]C[skywaalker [3k?\]: he is the europeen's champion?
;W[no]CR[no]WL[2460.772]C[skywaalker [3k?\]: isn't it ?
;B[jk]CR[jk]BL[2670.709]C[TKo [7k?\]: after some win and some lose
marius1 [?\]: did n t w have to to sacrifice O4 3stones to ponnuki L6 L7 ?
;W[qm]CR[qm]WL[2416.022]C[marius1 [?\]: byN4 L8
marius1 [?\]: cause here O2 very heavy
TKo [7k?\]: very very heavy
Tsche [1k\]: s6?
TKo [7k?\]: seem dead to me
;W[ro]CR[ro]WL[2341.815]C[Tsche [1k\]: kill
TKo [7k?\]: diff to kill
PAG2 [-\]: S9 left no choice to white..
;B[rp]CR[rp]BL[2467.812]C[DnF [6k\]: S9 looks like a crazy move to me
zhixiang [5k\]: nope
DnF [6k\]: it definitely requires a lot of reading, i'd say
;B[rq]CR[rq]BL[2464.385]C[TKo [7k?\]: :| would play this without reading ^^
PAG2 [-\]: mmh.. wonder if a move to protect corner.. then force White to live small while creating a mojo wouldn't have been better
Avocastic [13k\]: me too
Tsche [1k\]: dead
PAG2 [-\]: but I'm not high dan.. what do i know
Kamyk [2k\]: end
zhixiang [5k\]: i would play this with reading lol
nodan [1k?\]: w resign
zhixiang [5k\]: yes
zhixiang [5k\]: b would gain no matter wat
LiKui: O8 seems interesting for w
tildebis [17k\]: after P8 I think
tildebis [17k\]: but it does not work
tildebis [17k\]: B N8 and after N9, B L9
skywaalker [3k?\]: P8 N10
LiKui: ...
;B[ml]CR[ml]BL[2457.115]C[PAG2 [-\]: good call likui
skywaalker [3k?\]: i think
tildebis [17k\]: :)
tildebis [17k\]: we'll see
zhixiang [5k\]: lol
Tsche [1k\]: resign
tildebis [17k\]: :)
zhixiang [5k\]: yes
zhixiang [5k\]: resign
Kamyk [2k\]: :\]
TKo [7k?\]: some how senseless
tildebis [17k\]: If P8 first, ...
faraon [6d\]: спасибо
roln111 [9d\]: спасибо
tildebis [17k\]: interesting game

Re: games from 1 round
Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
15, January, 2006 01:52   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[BAM0]PB[Tsujigiri]WR[3d]BR[4d]DT[2006-01-14]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[Tsujigiri [4d\]: Onegaishimasu
;B[pd]CR[pd]BL[3815.996]C[BAM0 [3d\]: hi
;B[oo]CR[oo]BL[3757.479]C[BAM0 [3d\]: o7
;W[pn]CR[pn]WL[3737.114]C[BAM0 [3d\]: impossible move
Tsujigiri [4d\]: What is the correct move here
Tsujigiri [4d\]: here?
BAM0 [3d\]: o6, sorry
;W[om]CR[om]WL[3615.86]C[Tsujigiri [4d\]: where now
BAM0 [3d\]: n5, o5, p6
Tsujigiri [4d\]: n5?
BAM0 [3d\]: o6 - wrong
;B[fj]CR[fj]BL[2888.328]C[Tsujigiri [4d\]: yeah
BAM0 [3d\]: very big
Tsujigiri [4d\]: I can tell that myself -_-
;B[gk]CR[gk]BL[2883.896]C[BAM0 [3d\]: your 1st mistake was in joseki
(;B[ee]CR[ee]BL[2817.329]C[BAM0 [3d\]: better for you
Tsujigiri [4d\]: yes
Tsujigiri [4d\]: I missed the seki
BAM0 [3d\]: :)
Tsujigiri [4d\]: so I tried to play forcing moves first
BAM0 [3d\]: what's your real rank?
Tsujigiri [4d\]: 10kyu
BAM0 [3d\]: I'm old 5 dan
BAM0 [3d\]: ic
Tsujigiri [4d\]: old means experience
BAM0 [3d\]: age :(
Tsujigiri [4d\]: I haven't even played for 2 years
Frodo [10k\]: 10k..-.-
Tsujigiri [4d\]: I think this gives you too much
;B[cg]CR[cg]BL[2728.267]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: valkeelle tulee kohta kiire
(;B[lf]CR[lf]BL[2566.857]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: valkee räjähtää
;W[mf]CR[mf]WL[999.066]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: J4
;W[ph]CR[ph]WL[995.202]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: ohhoh
tarragone [9k?\]: kivaa
;B[sp]CR[sp]BL[2388.213]C[Frodo [10k\]: ?
;B[qb]CR[qb]BL[2269.374]C[linj0008 [9k\]: b missed p1
Zureiyaa [-\]: no..
Zureiyaa [-\]: he didnt missed it
Zureiyaa [-\]: he just took sente
Zureiyaa [-\]: ...
Zureiyaa [-\]: without t2, it would be gote
Tsujigiri [4d\]: ahhh
Tsujigiri [4d\]: I could've captured R2
Zureiyaa [-\]: :EE
Zureiyaa [-\]: what im thinking
Tsujigiri [4d\]: no, wait a sec, no I couldn't
;B[es]CR[es]BL[2256.712]C[Tsujigiri [4d\]: yes, I could have... pfff, I suck in reading semeais
Zureiyaa [-\]: yup, black had less liberties
Zureiyaa [-\]: no he could not..
;W[bo]CR[bo]WL[613.013]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: i gues
Zureiyaa [-\]: s
;B[ef]CR[ef]BL[2204.751]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: white seems to be really strong.. :S
;B[lr]CR[lr]BL[2191.119]C[p041 [6k?\]: but time...
;W[kq]CR[kq]WL[422.57]C[linj0008 [9k\]: at right bottom cornner, i still think b could win
;B[fo]CR[fo]BL[2122.125]C[linj0008 [9k\]: w need 1 more stone on n4
;B[oe]CR[oe]BL[2112.247]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: black is risking a lot..
Zureiyaa [-\]: ah..
;W[kf]CR[kf]WL[312.577]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: nothing -_-'
Medice [-\]: indeed.
;W[mo]CR[mo]WL[291.744]C[Pempu [1k\]: what tournament is this?
;B[ho]CR[ho]BL[2082.077]C[Pempu [1k\]: ok master
;B[il]CR[il]BL[2063.437]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: omg..
;W[mm]CR[mm]WL[225]C[Frodo [10k\]: yeah
Frodo [10k\]: h4 bad move
Zureiyaa [-\]: nope
;B[qa]CR[qa]BL[2025.045]C[Frodo [10k\]: or wasn't there better moves?
Zureiyaa [-\]: there was not
Frodo [10k\]: i just startedt to look
Zureiyaa [-\]: it was only
Frodo [10k\]: ok
Zureiyaa [-\]: otherwise H3 would die
Zureiyaa [-\]: or D5
;W[pa]CR[pa]WL[180]C[Frodo [10k\]: ok
;W[ih]CR[ih]WL[180]C[dxxd [22k\]: voi voi tsujia :(
;W[bd]CR[bd]WL[180]C[snowman [-\]: onneks tää on free-peli
[ir][rr][sr][gs][hs][ps][qs][ss]TB[ra][sa][rb][sb][rc][sc][kd][ld][qd][rd][sd][je][le][ne][pe][re][se][kf][mf][nf][pf][sf][dg][ng][dh][oh][ph][qh][rh][sh][ai][bi][di][ei][oi][pi][aj][bj][cj][dj][ak][ck][dk][fk][bl][gl][bq][mq][br][dr][as][bs][ls]C[Zureiyaa [-\]: lol
Tsujigiri [4d\]: thx
BAM0 [3d\]: thx
Pempu [1k\]: aika hämärä peli kyl
Zureiyaa [-\]: snowman tää on turnaus ^_________________^
snowman [-\]: miksi turnauspelit on free-pelejä?
Zureiyaa [-\]: jaa'a
tarragone [9k?\]: ettei tule paineita
snowman [-\]: nehän nimenomaan on vakavia näyttöjä
Zureiyaa [-\]: ;P
;B[rr]CR[rr]C[remi1969 [6k\]: Ура наша взяла!!
;B[qs]CR[qs]C[Tsujigiri [4d\]: Yeah
Pempu [1k\]: 10kyu
p041 [6k?\]: время-время
Tsujigiri [4d\]: of course, I should have played this way
Pempu [1k\]: "naturally"
BAM0 [3d\]: does not metter
BAM0 [3d\]: w+
Tsujigiri [4d\]: Yes you are ahead
BAM0 [3d\]: matter
BAM0 [3d\]: but my yose was terrible
(;W[no]CR[no]C[Tsujigiri [4d\]: ahhh
;B[on]CR[on]C[BAM0 [3d\]: go to fuseki.info to check joseki
Tsujigiri [4d\]: Isn't this bad for you?
BAM0 [3d\]: or buy BiGo Assistant :)
Tsujigiri [4d\]: How can white continue here
BAM0 [3d\]: there are too many vars here
BAM0 [3d\]: wo5 - wrong
(;W[mp]CR[mp]C[BAM0 [3d\]: no
(;W[or]CR[or]C[BAM0 [3d\]: p2 or p7
Tsujigiri [4d\]: oh
Tsujigiri [4d\]: I have seen this joseki before
Tsujigiri [4d\]: but it's a hard one
BAM0 [3d\]: :)
;B[no]CR[no]C[Tsujigiri [4d\]: how does this continue
;W[mp]CR[mp]C[Tsujigiri [4d\]: here or P2?
BAM0 [3d\]: no p2
Tsujigiri [4d\]: o well
Tsujigiri [4d\]: I will check this joseki later
Tsujigiri [4d\]: got to go now
BAM0 [3d\]: cu later
Tsujigiri [4d\]: cya

Gromovoj - Dindarova Ilsiya
Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
15, January, 2006 01:54   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
 +    0     

RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[GromovoyLI]PB[XATXOP]BR[1d]DT[2006-01-14]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[XATXOP [1d\]: hi
GromovoyLI [?\]: hi
XATXOP [1d\]: Large Master Go, round 1, table 11
;W[cd]CR[cd]WL[3801.334]C[RKiller23 [5k\]: могли бы и по русски
;W[fj]CR[fj]WL[2742.589]C[Lem [-\]: Ну что. болеем за нашу чемпионку?
;B[di]CR[di]BL[2367.687]C[JohnSmith [-\]: О тож
;W[ek]CR[ek]WL[2605.438]C[mahaon [20k\]: РМ я проиграла мне нигде ничё отмечать ненадо??
;B[bo]CR[bo]BL[2248.633]C[Lem [-\]: спешит Иля куда-то
;W[dc]CR[dc]WL[2568.881]C[Lem [-\]: сейчас как раз надо играть четкое йосе
Lem [-\]: Q2
;B[eb]CR[eb]BL[2207.813]C[Lem [-\]: 33 минуты есть, чтоб все посчитать
;B[fd]CR[fd]BL[2205.405]C[mahaon [20k\]: о
Lem [-\]: н-да...
Lem [-\]: P2 думаю сейчас
;W[mq]CR[mq]WL[2534.534]C[prophy [?\]: она просто не может долго думать
JohnSmith [-\]: П кто белый?
JohnSmith [-\]: А кто*
Lem [-\]: Раньше был 3д. Очень давно не играл
Lem [-\]: раньше 3д послабже были... но куда иля спешит? вопрос!
JohnSmith [-\]: Да они оба в общем-то. :))
Lem [-\]: E18 я не понял.... :(
Volody5 [13k\]: а где можно посмотреть весь список участников?
Lem [-\]: с главной страницы и вперед
Lem [-\]: [weiqi.ru]
Volody5 [13k\]: спасибо
prophy [?\]: даже не знаю куда бы я на её месте сходил
prophy [?\]: как думаете?
JohnSmith [-\]: Интересно, если бы белый камень поймали
JohnSmith [-\]: хватило бы черным?
prophy [?\]: нет
Zohar [22k?\]: ч в центре мертвы?
;B[mn]CR[mn]BL[1913.536]C[Lem [-\]: ага )
;B[nn]CR[nn]BL[1909.521]C[Lem [-\]: какой камень?
;W[nq]CR[nq]WL[2488.968]C[JohnSmith [-\]: N3
Lem [-\]: хе
Lem [-\]: вот те бабка и юрьев день
JohnSmith [-\]: Ну тут была естественная последоватьетельность. :)))
JohnSmith [-\]: м3 не спасает?
;B[qp]CR[qp]BL[1640.821]C[Lem [-\]: но все-таки
Lem [-\]: почему E18 . Черному так много не хватало?
;W[ln]CR[ln]WL[2405.389]C[JohnSmith [-\]: по моему сейчас белые больше отдали
Lem [-\]: раньше я бы сказал черный впереди
Lem [-\]: да, размен некошерный
JohnSmith [-\]: Р2-то был всяко
JohnSmith [-\]: но черным вроде надо дедать
JohnSmith [-\]: доедать
Lem [-\]: но почему белый Q2 не сыграл...
Lem [-\]: белый в готэ совершил очень сомнительный размен
;B[rq]CR[rq]BL[1567.056]C[Lem [-\]: хотя висело его сенте P2
Lem [-\]: справа теперь белый без очков. И где очки тада?
;W[rr]CR[rr]WL[2359.441]C[JohnSmith [-\]: в чентре
Lem [-\]: хотя нет, в сенте уполз
Lem [-\]: мало
;W[rn]CR[rn]WL[2356.289]C[JohnSmith [-\]: слева пять копеек
Lem [-\]: в центре так, ерундистика
JohnSmith [-\]: в центре намало, там же съеденные
Lem [-\]: вот черный наверху.... это построение :)
Lem [-\]: вроде все равно мало
;W[sp]CR[sp]WL[2346.687]C[JohnSmith [-\]: а сенте ли Т4
JohnSmith [-\]: ?
Lem [-\]: вот городить как черный справа вверху и слева внизу - кайф так городить )
Lem [-\]: очень много
;W[nr]CR[nr]WL[2323.975]C[JohnSmith [-\]: Может надо было О2 вместо R1?
JohnSmith [-\]: у белыъ еще е сть атака в районе к3
prophy [?\]: если черный не ответит она живет?
Lem [-\]: O2 вроде готэ
JohnSmith [-\]: там кое-нить ко двушаговое
Lem [-\]: так что я бы взял черные
prophy [?\]: а мне кажется отвечвть надо
Lem [-\]: хотя я не считал )) вообще не в состоянии думать сейчас
JohnSmith [-\]: Р1 пойдет?
;B[lr]CR[lr]BL[1209.22]C[JohnSmith [-\]: вах...
;W[ps]CR[ps]WL[2289.274]C[JohnSmith [-\]: вот ко которое построил джек
JohnSmith [-\]: двойное
;B[os]CR[os]BL[1187.27]C[JohnSmith [-\]: не, я неправ
prophy [?\]: там просто жрётся всё
;B[pr]CR[pr]BL[1162.631]C[prophy [?\]: ну чё я вам говорил?
prophy [?\]: хоть 15 кю, а считать умею
;W[jq]CR[jq]WL[2071.552]C[JohnSmith [-\]: Вот рефлекторно бы к2 сходил. %)))
JohnSmith [-\]: Не умею я все-такуи играть. %))))
;B[jp]CR[jp]BL[916.536]C[Lem [-\]: а кто умеет? )
;W[kr]CR[kr]WL[1901.506]C[Lem [-\]: красиво
;W[ls]CR[ls]WL[1802.267]C[JohnSmith [-\]: Илисия вон умеет
JohnSmith [-\]: Я правда не считал, но это не значит, что счет бы мне помог. %)))
JohnSmith [-\]: Хотя в опрадание могу сказать, что М2 я бы и несходил. %))
JohnSmith [-\]: Максимум Л2. %))
JohnSmith [-\]: Буйоми у них по 45 секунд?
Lem [-\]: да, это нормально
Lem [-\]: только времени мало поставили вроде
Lem [-\]: не, эти нормально )
Lem [-\]: это нея ошибся )
BL[661.555]C[JohnSmith [-\]: N2 Же?!!!!!
JohnSmith [-\]: А, тьху, с ума схожу
JohnSmith [-\]: а, тьху с ума схожу
JohnSmith [-\]: от избытка чувств
;B[fr]CR[fr]BL[652.227]C[JohnSmith [-\]: смело...
;B[dr]CR[dr]BL[646.476]C[JohnSmith [-\]: запугались белые от своего фурикавари...
Lem [-\]: )
Lem [-\]: н-да
Lem [-\]: дамэцумари у белой кишки мощное
Lem [-\]: там придется ноги уносить
Lem [-\]: после сбрасывания N1 в конце будет угрожать N4
pershing [1k\]: хммм
;W[fs]CR[fs]WL[1419.749]C[JohnSmith [-\]: J1 рулит
JohnSmith [-\]: не порезать вроде
;B[ds]CR[ds]BL[568.862]C[JohnSmith [-\]: Да, понять это не считая нереально. %))
pershing [1k\]: D3
;W[dk]CR[dk]WL[1037.071]C[JohnSmith [-\]: А G1 Не пора ли
;B[sk]CR[sk]BL[349.918]C[JohnSmith [-\]: Это же ко в одни ворота, если белые не ответят
;B[jf]CR[jf]BL[278.683]C[Lem [-\]: хм
;B[jo]CR[jo]BL[271.233]C[Lem [-\]: странно, вернулся, а в N1 белый камень
Lem [-\]: черный не успел вбросить?
Lem [-\]: не заметила наверно
;B[jn]CR[jn]BL[266.442]C[greyx [1d\]: черный начал не с того вбрасывания
Lem [-\]: ясен
;W[mj]CR[mj]WL[661.046]C[Lem [-\]: ну что ж, белого это не спасает
;B[sf]CR[sf]BL[225]C[Lem [-\]: с Shift перемещайся
;W[fc]CR[fc]WL[440.197]C[JohnSmith [-\]: гы
Lem [-\]: не работает
;B[fb]CR[fb]BL[225]C[Lem [-\]: пугает просто
JohnSmith [-\]: сама идея!
Lem [-\]: белый это видел )
JohnSmith [-\]: там еще ко на J1
Lem [-\]: черный то есть
Lem [-\]: вот он ко-угрозы и тратит )
;B[ak]CR[ak]BL[225]C[Lem [-\]: Q15 странный ход
Lem [-\]: тратит угрозы
;W[aj]CR[aj]WL[383.855]C[JohnSmith [-\]: а все
JohnSmith [-\]: и ко закрыть
;B[hs]CR[hs]BL[225]C[Lem [-\]: да )
;W[]WL[225]TW[aa][ba][ab][bb][ac][bc][cc][ad][bd][ae][be][ce][af][bf][nf][ag][bg][ah][hh][ai][bi][ii][ji][bj][hj][ij][ck][fk][gk][hk][cl][dl][el][fl][gl][hl][ql][rl][dm][em][fm][gm][pm][qm][rm][sm][dn][en][fn][gn][mn][nn][sn]TB[fa][ga][ha][ia][ja][ka][la][ma][na][oa][pa][qa][ra][sa][gb][hb][ib][jb][kb][lb][mb][nb][ob][pb][qb][rb][sb][fc][gc][hc][jc][kc][lc][mc][nc][oc][pc][qc][rc][sc][gd][hd][id][jd][kd][sd][ie][je][ke][ap][bp][aq][bq][cq][dq][eq][qq][ar][br][cr][er][gr][qr][rr][as][bs][cs][fs][ps][rs][ss]C[Am [6d\]: молоцы
JohnSmith [-\]: Сильно, сильно
GromovoyLI [?\]: спасибо за игру
XATXOP [1d\]: Done нажмите
XATXOP [1d\]: спасибо за игру
Lem [-\]: Леонид, ждем от Вам новых игр!
Lem [-\]: *Вас )
;B[ks]CR[ks]C[Lem [-\]: Shift и мышкой
;B[mp]CR[mp]C[Lem [-\]: во время партии заметила?
JohnSmith [-\]: Соу-соу
XATXOP [1d\]: да уж я тут круто ошиблась
XATXOP [1d\]: всем спасибо за внимание
Lem [-\]: да, группа внизу вкусная была

Черными - Кожунков Алексей
Сахабутдинов на rugo.ru Знаток Го
15, January, 2006 01:55   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[2700]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[Bambi]PB[Neya]WR[4d]DT[2006-01-14]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[Neya [?\]: Hi
Bambi [4d\]: hello
;W[jq]CR[jq]WL[2615.46]C[Bambi [4d\]: oops i misread
Neya [?\]: ?
;W[oj]CR[oj]WL[2035.694]C[Lem [-\]: видать черный собрался все брать
;B[op]CR[op]BL[45]C[Neya [?\]: Оооох лаги!
;B[rs]CR[rs]BL[45]C[Bambi [4d\]: i dont speak russian
Lem [-\]: иначе зачем S2 ?
;B[ik]CR[ik]BL[45]C[Lem [-\]: наша победа ^^
;W[qa]CR[qa]WL[1736.336]C[Damir [9k\]: почему не E1 ?
;B[]BL[45]TW[fa][ga][ha][ia][ja][fb][gb][hb][ib][jb][kb][ec][gc][hc][ic][kc][ed][fd][gd][jd][kd][md][je][bj][cj][dj][dk][rk][sk][dl][rl][sl][jm][lm][rm][sm][in][io][fp][hp][eq][fq][gq][gr][gs]TB[aa][ba][pa][qa][ra][sa][ab][bb][ob][rb][sb][ac][bc][qc][rc][ad][bd][sd][ae][be][qe][se][af][qf][rf][fg][kg][mg][og][qg][gh][gi][gk][hk][ao][bo][no][ap][bp][mp][qp][aq][bq][lq][mq][oq][qq][sq][ar][lr][mr][nr][or][pr][sr][as][bs][cs][js][ks][ls][ms][ns][os][ps][qs][ss]C[Lem [-\]: Алексей, поздравляю! Здорово сыграл!
Neya [?\]: СпасибА
DEMBEL [9k\]: Gjplhfdktybz!!
Lem [-\]: вот это по-нашему :)
DEMBEL [9k\]: Поздравления.
Neya [?\]: thanks
Neya [?\]: ))

Re: games from 1 round
Seneka на rugo.ru Гость
18, January, 2006 10:19   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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Я спросил у высокого солнца: Как мне вспыхнуть сильнее зари? Ничего не ответило солнце, Но душа услыхала: «Гори»! К. Д. Бальмонт

Прогресс нашей страны не может быть более быстрым, чем прогресс нашего образования. Дж. Кеннеди

Re: games from 1 round
Malicious Akast на rugo.ru Любитель Го
26, January, 2006 01:52   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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