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Из-за активного обсуждения шестой партии за титул Кисей на rec.games.go мы решили сделать открытыми мои комментарии. Здесь ссылка. [www.go4go.net]
Сегодня увидел еще один вариант. Комментатор Ма Сяочун, 9-дан ( перевод с китайского). Осталось добыть корейскую версию :)
Кстати, лет 20 тому назад, целая серия корейских ежемесячников публиковала смешанные комментарии. Было очень интересно наблюдать, как одни ходы признавались одновременно плохими и хорошими.

GM[1]FF[4]VW[]AP[Many Faces of Go:10.0]
PB[Yamashita Keigo]
PW[Hane Naoki]
EV[Japan 28th Kisei title match 6]

C[Commentary: Ma Xiaochun 9p,
Source:China Sports Weekly,
C[In the 28th Japanese Kisei best-of-7 title match, the defending
champion Yamashita Keigo won three consecutive games after losing
the first three, leaving the champion suspense to the final decisive
C[The referee of this game is Kojima Takaho 9p.
C[In terms of W6 and B7, we can see that Black is more active and
White seeks steadiness.
C[B9: As to the approach of W8, Black has many choices.
C[Through B21, Black ends in gote, White gets to first pincer attack
at 22, White has nothing to complain.
C[Black initiates a fight with the attachment of B23, it seems
C[However, after the hane of W24, the play of W26 is worth study.
With W26, White can consider to jump at 'a', then B 'b', W 'c',
B 'd' and W26, White can fight (see var a).
C[B27 is an excellent move!

After this move, it is time for noon break.
C[W28 prevents Black from flying out at 'a'.
C[B31 takes Black 1 hour and 15 minutes.

After the turn of B31, Black is left with two follow-up points
of 'b' and 'c', Black can fight.
C[B39: Black can also play hane at 'a', White can only block at
'b', next Black can jump as in the game, this way White would
lose the ensuing maneuver in the game.
C[In the game, White plays the wedge of W50, making Black heavy
then starting the ko, the tactic is intense!
C[However, with the wedge of the marked stone and W56, White's
loss is also very heavy, after the ko, it is still hard to say
the game is to White's advantage.
C[After W60, it is probably better if Black immediately answers
the ko with B61, Black can use the ko threats at 'a' and 'b',
but this is hard to judge in the game time.
C[After this move, the game was suspended for the first day.
C[B75 is a huge move!
C[After B77, a new fight starts, the fight over here is the key
for the outcome of this game.
C[The sequence following W78 is inevitable counterattack, but Black
uses this chance to secure corner territory, White also takes
a big risk.
C[After this move, it is time for noon break.
C[The complicated fight continues, the simple connection of B91,
an asking move, is excellent timing!
C[B93: Black sticks his head out to the center, in this situation,
both sides are very difficult to take control of the game.
C[Next several vital points in the game are, W104 is too hasty,
White should turn at 'a', this would be relatively steady.

C[The exchange with the cut of B117 is brave and powerful, it also
lays the foundation for the typical wrap-up sequence later on.
C[W126: White must strengthen the corner to make life by playing
at 'a'.
C[The striking move of B133 to kill the corner is very big!
C[The sequence following B135 is a brilliant "capture in a ladder".
C[Through B151, after the shape is settled, Black achieves a big
C[Yamashita Keigo achieves three consecutive victories, the series
ties at 3:3, the decisive game 7 will take place on 3/17 and

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