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11, February, 2003 15:11   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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Мы с одним американцем сайт интересный смастерили. Всех кто понимает English всегда будем рады видеть у нас в гостях.

We just started a new section on our web site.


We will offer more than 500 commented games a year, including 5
commented professional games covering major Go events every week, 5
commented top-level amateur games played on KGS every week, and
occasional special topics about European and American Go tournaments.

The games are commented in great detail. Each game commentary contains
at least 10 (sometimes more than 20) variation diagrams. With all
major aspects of Go playing (such as opening theory, joseki, midgame
fighting strategies and yose) being covered, this is really a very
comprehensive Go tutorial.

This is a subscription-based service. As we have just started, we will
have everything freely available online for a month or so. After March
1, 2003, visitors will have to pay US $50 a year to have access to the
service. That works out as less than 10 cents per commented game --
quite affordable.

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