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Games from 4 round

23, January, 2006 12:57  
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[flyingo]PB[roln111]WR[9d]BR[9d]DT[2006-01-22]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[flyingo [9d\]: hi
roln111 [9d\]: hi
;B[pl]CR[pl]BL[3779.823]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: it will be a great fight :))
;B[mp]CR[mp]BL[3687.375]C[Merlin [5k\]: is that joseki?
;B[ps]CR[ps]BL[3684.131]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: not really sure in this :))
;W[lp]CR[lp]WL[3659.763]C[Merlin [5k\]: it's seems better for white
KoGeima [1d?\]: N5 cool
Julian [-\]: Yeah. p2 mistake.
;B[rl]CR[rl]BL[3601.803]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: I don't think I have ever seen this shape before
;W[qm]CR[qm]WL[3650.955]C[bluedemon [3d?\]: flyingo way too strong for this kid
JohnSmith [-\]: no
;B[pk]CR[pk]BL[3562.242]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: this kid - champion of Russia :))
JohnSmith [-\]: At least they are equal strength
TheCaptain [4d\]: too early to say that bluedemon...."this kid" is no lamb, more like a tiger
;W[ok]CR[ok]WL[3560.355]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: unpredictible fight
;B[im]CR[im]BL[3463.799]C[kimball [?\]: white is ahead iin this fight i think
TheCaptain [4d\]: the fight appears fairly equal to me, maybe even slightly to b's advantage in this fuseki
;W[lk]CR[lk]WL[3470.438]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: but who am I to judge...would love to see pro analysis after the fact
KoGeima [1d?\]: ^)))
;B[mk]CR[mk]BL[3439.193]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: lol
myao [?\]: we will do it
;W[mj]CR[mj]WL[3465.958]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: you - TheCaptain :))
JohnSmith [-\]: Probably too early to judge. :)
myao [?\]: china trip teacher will analyse games from tomorrow
;B[ll]CR[ll]BL[3421.739]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: thats great myao
;B[oi]CR[oi]BL[3420.562]C[bluedemon [3d?\]: kill flyingo!
myao [?\]: and info of 06 china trip ready tonight, pls keep yrself uodated!!
;B[hm]CR[hm]BL[3364.947]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: come on you doubting Thomases....tell me this is not good for black
KoGeima [1d?\]: L9 to slow?
KoGeima [1d?\]: mistake?
;B[qg]CR[qg]BL[3358.133]C[hikari99 [3d\]: um, i thought it was good
petri [10k\]: Looks very good for B
Solus [-\]: ooh 06 china trip
;W[qf]CR[qf]WL[3362.657]C[hikari99 [3d\]: i have to say b's position is good...
;B[rd]CR[rd]BL[3344.715]C[SILD [7k\]: kepp rolling rolling
;W[nh]CR[nh]WL[3337.841]C[grmaster [5k?\]: B losing
hikari99 [3d\]: hm..the overconcentration shape
Warp [6k\]: Why are they playing like this was a 5 min game?
KoGeima [1d?\]: they are 9d :))
Cloudi [17k\]: we can see that
Ariel74 [?\]: is flyingo pro`?
KoGeima [1d?\]: and it was 9 d's fuseki
hikari99 [3d\]: i have the sick feeling that w will win
JohnSmith [-\]: they are young. :))
wideangle [2k\]: he is not pro
hikari99 [3d\]: or maybe that's just me impressed by what w did on the right
myao [?\]: those interested can just email me, sp we keep u posted.
petri [10k\]: B can erase the thickness cause its too wide at top ?
;B[dj]CR[dj]BL[3188.492]C[Nanoc [3d\]: I like B
TheCaptain [4d\]: suddenly game looks good for b again
kdfghkl: or like this he can say hey lets both have moyo
;B[hc]CR[hc]BL[3183.587]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: H17
KoGeima [1d?\]: ^)))
KoGeima [1d?\]: wow
;W[eg]CR[eg]WL[3285.099]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: I guess this is the mark of high level go.....after each player moves, your perception of who is doing better changes
hikari99 [3d\]: yes...looks like b puts on the pressure..
;B[kc]CR[kc]BL[3162.162]C[Nanoc [3d\]: great
Nanoc [3d\]: I like tennukies
bluedemon [3d?\]: kill!!
;W[ch]CR[ch]WL[3268.897]C[Nanoc [3d\]: it's gonna be funny
grmaster [5k?\]: L17 huge
Julian [-\]: I like B's play since F2. ;)
playm8 [4k?\]: i guess black is aiming at M12 weakness
hikari99 [3d\]: w's not a pushover..
kdfghkl: i dont like f2 because he can invade c3 after black g3
;W[bf]CR[bf]WL[3258.105]C[hikari99 [3d\]: i always fear the w player...
;W[ee]CR[ee]WL[3240.576]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: m12 too small a target to go after, playm...and it is not weak...w has l1l in response
;B[de]CR[de]BL[3080.659]C[hikari99 [3d\]: o_o looks good for b
Nanoc [3d\]: bad for white
;W[fe]CR[fe]WL[3221.059]C[Cloudi [17k\]: yep
Nanoc [3d\]: d2?
blbn [1k\]: o17
;B[ce]CR[ce]BL[3060.111]C[petri [10k\]: h17 group looks weak now
;W[cg]CR[cg]WL[3210.482]C[hikari99 [3d\]: b winning..
;B[dc]CR[dc]BL[3058.218]C[bluedemon [3d?\]: killl!!
;W[mb]CR[mb]WL[3184.303]C[hikari99 [3d\]: i don't put it beyond w of winning, still..
grmaster [5k?\]: B can live easy I think
Julian [-\]: B should live, but can he live in sente? :)
;W[hg]CR[hg]WL[3166.308]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: never would have thought of that move...seems so close to w thickness
Rudra [12k?\]: what does sente mean?
;B[ig]CR[ig]BL[2938.617]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: :)) lol
;W[ih]CR[ih]WL[3151.245]C[Warp [6k\]: [senseis.xmp.net]
nuts [6k\]: keeps b away from his own thickness though (?)
Cloudi [17k\]: [senseis.xmp.net]
Cloudi [17k\]: dam you were faster
grmaster [5k?\]: H15 protects K17 cut and makes eye shape I guess ^^
Nalle [2d\]: wanha
;B[jg]CR[jg]BL[2913.184]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: how old is b really?
Misskiwi [10k?\]: 123 years
;W[hh]CR[hh]WL[3119.164]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: 15
grmaster [5k?\]: 16 probably
nuts [6k\]: 26 months
KoGeima [1d?\]: no - 15
TheCaptain [4d\]: he plays with amazing assurance for young guy
Spartan101 [8k?\]: whats the best way to get stronger fastest
Nanoc [3d\]: 15-17
koukou [9k\]: 15 ?????
Nanoc [3d\]: I saw him in a tournament
koukou [9k\]: pfffff
TheCaptain [4d\]: maybe Russia's Go Alekhine
KoGeima [1d?\]: yep 15 :)))))))
KoGeima [1d?\]: may be...
Warp [6k\]: What's so odd about him being 15?
Cloudi [17k\]: nothing
crazyfoo [12k\]: it just makes me feel old and incompetent
Warp [6k\]: There are probably 10yos who are as strong as him
crazyfoo [12k\]: that made me feel even more old and incompetent
koukou [9k\]: and 2 who are strong than me
petri [10k\]: Not in Ruussia/Europe
crazyfoo [12k\]: I'll go get some juice to cheer me up
koukou [9k\]: stronger*
Warp [6k\]: What was the age record of someone becoming pro?
Spartan101 [8k?\]: 14
Misskiwi [10k?\]: month
KoGeima [1d?\]: :))
Spartan101 [8k?\]: yang yulin
Montchik [14k\]: i'm gonno use coffe for that purpose, crazyfoo
;B[lf]CR[lf]BL[2704.49]C[Bolos [11k\]: White B4 ?
grmaster [5k?\]: now W has to reduce B left side probably ^^
Ariel74 [?\]: b seems to be playing more carefully than w
L2 [1d\]: B10
;W[dl]CR[dl]WL[3070.133]C[grmaster [5k?\]: C4 may be
Ariel74 [?\]: w is thin everywhere
cjmichael [19k\]: is roln111 really that young?
vogelfrei [13k\]: ringel? partie?
runtt21 [?\]: yes
Warp [6k\]: How about launcing an attack at K16 and then L15?
runtt21 [?\]: he is redrose"s little bro
KoGeima [1d?\]: true :))
cjmichael [19k\]: wow
;B[eq]CR[eq]BL[2632.412]C[Cloudi [17k\]: red rose some russian pro?
runtt21 [?\]: yes
KoGeima [1d?\]: true
TheCaptain [4d\]: He is already teenage idol in Russia....everywhere he goes desperate young girls follow him...
KoGeima [1d?\]: :))
;W[eo]CR[eo]WL[3043.662]C[cjmichael [19k\]: to be young and 9d
;B[ep]CR[ep]BL[2622.458]C[grmaster [5k?\]: haha Captain
Warp [6k\]: So practicing go is indeed just for the glory and babes...
Ariel74 [?\]: I don't believe you Captain
Montchik [14k\]: lol
TheCaptain [4d\]: You see, in Russia, unlike N. America, intelligence is considered sexy
nuts [6k\]: mostly for the babes
cjmichael [19k\]: actually, things are turning a little towards that in america
;W[cn]CR[cn]WL[2996.09]C[jkjkjk: that "joseki" in the lower right...WTF
vogelfrei [13k\]: hehe
;B[co]CR[co]BL[2609.864]C[Ariel74 [?\]: for that, Go is too unknown in Russia
dudu [7k\]: that was so funny
cjmichael [19k\]: but you just have to /look/ like a nerd, you don't have to be intelligent
;W[bo]CR[bo]WL[2977.565]C[grmaster [5k?\]: E9
;B[bp]CR[bp]BL[2589.166]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: w sure is using his thickness well
royu [4d\]: hope b has contigency plan for d10... otherwise game is over
rpfleger [12k\]: yeah... look at George, he got elected to the highest office in America based only on his intelligence
grmaster [5k?\]: E9 becomes huge
;W[fl]CR[fl]WL[2951.687]C[grmaster [5k?\]: oh
tildebis [16k\]: too late now ...
crazyfoo [12k\]: when things get tough, just get up and flip the board over and storm out of the room
Cloudi [17k\]: yea
TheDoctor [15k?\]: hard to do over the internet though
Nanoc [3d\]: trouble?
;B[gl]CR[gl]BL[2552.829]C[grmaster [5k?\]: now I see M14 was very expencieve ^^
crazyfoo [12k\]: I'm sure there's a button that does that on KGS
KoGeima [1d?\]: big trouble seems
TheCaptain [4d\]: point taken..cjmichael..and also, Russia is becoming too N. American
;B[gn]CR[gn]BL[2549.126]C[wideangle [2k\]: game over now?
;W[bn]CR[bn]WL[2911.909]C[TheDoctor [15k?\]: if someone invented a device for punching people over the internet that person would become a billionaire...and there would be lots of dead spammers
royu [4d\]: s17 very large now
crazyfoo [12k\]: you took that off Bash.org =P
royu [4d\]: b hard to get it with c3 open
;W[gr]CR[gr]WL[2907.612]C[TheDoctor [15k?\]: yep, slightly changed though
bluedemon [3d?\]: kill!!
vogelfrei [13k\]: who?
Spartan101 [8k?\]: i wish i were as strong as these two
crazyfoo [12k\]: wow, I didn't know D8 could do all that
TheCaptain [4d\]: amazing how w used thinness of b upper group, to completely neutralize b thickness in lower left
crazyfoo [12k\]: you tell them Cap
TheCaptain [4d\]: from this result you would never know how strong b used to be down there
kdfghkl: i blame e3
grmaster [5k?\]: may be B thinks he can get enough pts anyway
Ariel74 [?\]: w is still thin
grmaster [5k?\]: so he plays safty like this ^^
myao [?\]: W wins.
XY0908 [-\]: It could have been all better if B just connected at G6?
jkjkjk: b getting owned
TheCaptain [4d\]: w not thin at all...seems game totally over for black
hikari99 [3d\]: like i said *yawn*
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Wow, 9d vs 9d!!
jkjkjk: flyingo is strong
KoGeima [1d?\]: crazy game
;B[gk]CR[gk]BL[2356.239]C[abbadan [?\]: not over yet
bluedemon [3d?\]: kill!!!
;W[ej]CR[ej]WL[2883.521]C[Ariel74 [?\]: there is d10 and the potential cuts for group o10
;B[ki]CR[ki]BL[2324.892]C[nigulh [15k\]: s15 only possible kill
rpfleger [12k\]: yes, cuts for o10 seem interesting
yuanjnpn [8k\]: 中国, 油!!!
;W[jj]CR[jj]WL[2853.614]C[rpfleger [12k\]: especially if he can cut off q1 group
;B[ji]CR[ji]BL[2314.979]C[rpfleger [12k\]: *Q14
Ariel74 [?\]: whereas b is rock solid every where
horacelamb [8k\]: s17 is pretty big too
;W[ij]CR[ij]WL[2839.452]C[rpfleger [12k\]: nah, I would Q16 before s17
;B[fj]CR[fj]BL[2281.666]C[horacelamb [8k\]: yeah
TheCaptain [4d\]: b big lower left group not rock solid...anytime w can jump into lower left...and then b has to struggle for eyes
horacelamb [8k\]: i just meant the sequence
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Mr. Captain, are you sure of yourself on that comment, "in Russia, intelligence is considered sexy?"
Ariel74 [?\]: Captain, that may be true
Ariel74 [?\]: but the lower w group itself is not
;W[lh]CR[lh]WL[2793.634]C[Ariel74 [?\]: exactly prepared for that jump
horacelamb [8k\]: yes it is
crazyfoo [12k\]: whoa
rpfleger [12k\]: yeah, lower w group isn't so great either
TheCaptain [4d\]: not really Buck...I am mindful of what Solzhenitsyn said the first time he re-visited Russia after years of exile...
;W[ek]CR[ek]WL[2790.667]C[BuckCentre [21k?\]: What did he say, sir?
abbadan [?\]: What did he say?
;B[dh]CR[dh]BL[2245.876]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: He regretted that the iron curtain had not reached down to the ground, because all the dreck of western culture had seeped in underneath
vogelfrei [13k\]: w misread?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Ahh...
TheCaptain [4d\]: w..look at this move
XY0908 [-\]: ^^ Cap ;-)
TheCaptain [4d\]: incredible
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I am truly sorry to hear that, Mr. Captain.
JoeZawinul [10k\]: very impressive
;W[dg]CR[dg]WL[2753.861]C[rpfleger [12k\]: vry nice
TheCaptain [4d\]: b back in the game
crazyfoo [12k\]: M12 that much more important?
cjmichael [19k\]: ??,中国 油!
XY0908 [-\]: interesting analogy, Cap^^
koukou [9k\]: pfffff
TotoroShan [15k\]: wow....nice move
;B[fh]CR[fh]BL[2226.646]C[jkjkjk: k10 at n13 would have been better....
;B[fi]CR[fi]BL[2225.096]C[XY0908 [-\]: B3 aji becomes very important now?
;W[bk]CR[bk]WL[2724.721]C[abbadan [?\]: Yes, Solzhenytsin seems to be right.
aditsu [12k\]: b3 or c3?
horacelamb [8k\]: i like c3
Spartan101 [8k?\]: y not d10?
bluedemon [3d?\]: will it die??!!
BuckCentre [21k?\]: And I sympathize with him, abbadan.
jkjkjk: eh this move...
nuts [6k\]: e2
jkjkjk: c10 would be better no?
nitram1 [8k\]: g14
nuts [6k\]: f13?
Cloudi [17k\]: what id white play somethin like D2 or B2?
Cloudi [17k\]: then is that E3 group in danger?
Cloudi [17k\]: if*
JoeZawinul [10k\]: what about N11?
Spartan101 [8k?\]: if i roln i would be worried about d4 group
Ariel74 [?\]: e2 big
BuckCentre [21k?\]: b10?
Javaness [5k\]: E2 or dead surely?
Frodo [10k\]: D2 better
XY0908 [-\]: I agree, Java.
Ariel74 [?\]: Frodo, it's b's turn :-)
abbadan [?\]: e2
grmaster [5k?\]: now its yose time ^^
;B[ck]CR[ck]BL[2062.215]C[XY0908 [-\]: but sente is so important
Javaness [5k\]: J9 is miai for an extra perhaps
grmaster [5k?\]: D2
;W[bl]CR[bl]WL[2718.53]C[BuckCentre [21k?\]: I thought b10 was better :(
abbadan [?\]: rols has sthg in mind...
;B[nf]CR[nf]BL[2031.248]C[bluedemon [3d?\]: black feeling troubled?
;W[kg]CR[kg]WL[2696.049]C[Spartan101 [8k?\]: 0_o
crazyfoo [12k\]: nice
Klaus [11k\]: b wants to cut at m10 =P
JoeZawinul [10k\]: ouch
Ariel74 [?\]: what was the proud territory that made many cry agast "game over!" is now just big enough to be alive :-)
chenfan [22k\]: lol l14
jkjkjk: b has a fighting spirit that w lacks...
TotoroShan [15k\]: L13 is nice
crazyfoo [12k\]: l14 k12
Cloudi [17k\]: yea
Spartan101 [8k?\]: l14 is only move
Cloudi [17k\]: maybe
crazyfoo [12k\]: you can tell someone's fighting spirit with this?
;B[er]CR[er]BL[1921.093]C[XY0908 [-\]: whew!
Ariel74 [?\]: and b got e2!
JoeZawinul [10k\]: J18?
jkjkjk: s17
ReadOnly [8k\]: W is 1st favor to get 500 $
Spartan101 [8k?\]: b still hanging onto this game
MysticoN [10k\]: H14
jkjkjk: s17 really nice
Spartan101 [8k?\]: incredable strengh show by both players
jkjkjk: if b loses, o14 may be the losing move
BuckCentre [21k?\]: But I bet I can beat that little boy in the picture in arm wrestling!
jumpingcow [19k\]: lol
chenfan [22k\]: in u dream
kdfghkl: im disappointed white not playing c3-d2 etc. instead of k12
bluedemon [3d?\]: can this corner be killed?
ReadOnly [8k\]: very close
Doping [-\]: J14?
Nanoc [3d\]: game is even
Nanoc [3d\]: both players are so strong
Spartan101 [8k?\]: s17 is big
ReadOnly [8k\]: no b get the komi back
Cloudi [17k\]: S17 now
;W[ib]CR[ib]WL[2543.522]C[Spartan101 [8k?\]: good move
;B[jc]CR[jc]BL[1904.656]C[kagetora [14k\]: and J16
;W[hb]CR[hb]WL[2529.184]C[Nanoc [3d\]: s17?
kimball [?\]: the problem was that the white center was eyeless and not connected, so k 12 was wise
myao [?\]: j15 next, B must be careful
;B[hf]CR[hf]BL[1872.692]C[jkjkjk: i cant believe i missed bin's games this morning...
Cloudi [17k\]: who`s bin?
KoGeima [1d?\]: 9d
Cloudi [17k\]: pro?
KoGeima [1d?\]: too
;W[gj]CR[gj]WL[2494.469]C[IvanIV [17k?\]: isnt that rabbit six ?
;B[fk]CR[fk]BL[1835.52]C[IvanIV [17k?\]: o not after g10?
royu [4d\]: s17 should be next already
royu [4d\]: it's very large
wideangle [2k\]: wish kgs can set up bin alert
tzhuge [11k?\]: heh
Cloudi [17k\]: is this "bin" pro?
kdfghkl: no he is not
nigulh [15k\]: bin laden
ReadOnly [8k\]: bin alert i need that
;W[od]CR[od]WL[2443.801]C[ReadOnly [8k\]: ama that "easy" beat pro = bin
hikari99 [3d\]: bin is 2p
;B[ni]CR[ni]BL[1800.854]C[ReadOnly [8k\]: 7d amateur
Misma1d [1d\]: w ahead
jkjkjk: what pros has bin beaten?
IvanIV [17k?\]: without g10 center dead?
hochdan [?\]: Cho Seokbin is a normal korean 7 dan
grmaster [5k?\]: B is just killing W's center ^^
royu [4d\]: w probably wins
tildebis [16k\]: yes
abbadan [?\]: just wait...
grmaster [5k?\]: W center is dead abit
;W[mi]CR[mi]WL[2355.654]C[IvanIV [17k?\]: yes its rabbit
;B[mg]CR[mg]BL[1796.319]C[IvanIV [17k?\]: or?
;W[mh]CR[mh]WL[2351.816]C[wideangle [2k\]: g13 can connect
chenfan [22k\]: p 12
OhMichel [21k\]: roln111 is almost at the same lvl with vic1000 oO
wideangle [2k\]: prob is q14
kimball [?\]: not dead, connection and h 9 is miai
grmaster [5k?\]: P12 and W has to choose
Nanoc [3d\]: seem W+5,5
yuanjnpn [8k\]: 下边收气。。。
grmaster [5k?\]: Q14 is not connected
nigulh [15k\]: same level with drunk vic1000
BuckCentre [21k?\]: After how many years of study will an average joe become a 9p?
IvanIV [17k?\]: ok thx i see now
RockLobstr [1d\]: no average joe will be
davidwatt [7k\]: never becomes 9p:)
BuckCentre [21k?\]: That's exaggerated.
Jarska [21k\]: an average joe will never become 9p
yuanjnpn [8k\]: 左右同型
nofun [1k\]: depends when the average joe starts learning
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Fine, then how many years of study will it require for an average joe to become 1p?
theolddan [1k\]: who is everage joe
;B[ia]CR[ia]BL[1678.04]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: well, Buck, I've been playing for 36 years, and I expect to make 9p in another four, so, say 40 years
nofun [1k\]: if starts learning at age of 3 i think he can become 9p..
XY0908 [-\]: well... but then again, pro 9 dan will never be a happy average Joe also...
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Depends on how you study too, Captain :)
RyanRyan [7k\]: lol
IvanIV [17k?\]: lol cap
;W[ic]CR[ic]WL[2325.65]C[Batavia [11k\]: i think an average ko player can reach dan level
;W[gc]CR[gc]WL[2322.933]C[Batavia [11k\]: if he studies
BuckCentre [21k?\]: average ko player?
;B[hd]CR[hd]BL[1664.353]C[jkjkjk: average ko player lol
BuckCentre [21k?\]: A player fond of ko?
IvanIV [17k?\]: life isnt hikaru reality
Klaus [11k\]: huuuuuahr ! =D
Ariel74 [?\]: w just lost his sente
yuanjnpn [8k\]: 上边好玩?
;W[ph]CR[ph]WL[2295.264]C[BuckCentre [21k?\]: After how many years of study will an average joe become 1p then?
jkjkjk: b looking for a one shot victory
;B[pi]CR[pi]BL[1658.17]C[Batavia [11k\]: average go player
ReadOnly [8k\]: 0.5 pt game
Jarska [21k\]: lol
petri [10k\]: on average never
Batavia [11k\]: average joe will never be pro
jkjkjk: not true
grmaster [5k?\]: B can play E14
;W[gg]CR[gg]WL[2265.415]C[Jarska [21k\]: batavia, i agree
Doping [-\]: "life isnt hikaru reality" unfortunally :(
ligeti [3k\]: average joe can maybe reach high kyu if he is motivated enough
;B[ha]CR[ha]BL[1654.579]C[XY0908 [-\]: anyone who becomes a pro more or less needs to abandon his life for Go.
jkjkjk: maybe not pro in korea
;W[gb]CR[gb]WL[2261.837]C[BuckCentre [21k?\]: After how many years of study then will an average joe become 1kyu then???
petri [10k\]: never pro. may as strong. don think so
blackrain [19k\]: there are people that make shodan in a year
Kakarot [7k\]: I agree with XY
jkjkjk: look at jimmy cha
chrislo [12k\]: O4 ?
Batavia [11k\]: a very good, intelligent, player who studies very hard has a 50/50 chance becomming pro at best
jkjkjk: he hit the jackpot playing poker
petri [10k\]: Shodan and 1p are quite far away
BuckCentre [21k?\]: How many years???
guinas [17k\]: F1
jkjkjk: and is living large
nigulh [15k\]: 5?
royu [4d\]: i made shodan in half a year, there are many like me in korea/china
;B[pc]CR[pc]BL[1603.416]C[blackrain [19k\]: not really
;B[se]CR[se]BL[1601.885]C[BuckCentre [21k?\]: Damn I was making a joke, you guys ruined it. :(
;W[qb]CR[qb]WL[2245.316]C[XY0908 [-\]: haha
comeforme [10k\]: bad joke
yuanjnpn [8k\]: 杀中腹大龙?!
chenfan [22k\]: say if i get to 1d in this serveur it mean i can be pro?
XY0908 [-\]: no jokes are bad
royu [4d\]: the difference between a china 3d and 7d is probably more than 1d to 30kyu
Batavia [11k\]: BuckCentre if you study every day/8 hour a day from when you are six you might become pro before you are 21
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Comeforme, it was a bad joke for you because you guys didn't answer me! Just give me a number damn it :)
comeforme [10k\]: well it certaimly wasnt funny
gryn [16k?\]: chenfan 1d != 1p
XY0908 [-\]: Batavia, no.
blackrain [19k\]: i would say if you reach a 5 dan level you could be a 1p maybe 2p
royu [4d\]: no :)
nigulh [15k\]: batavia, you will not be a pro, you will be crazy
grmaster [5k?\]: F13
abbadan [?\]: OK, Buck. 10!
XY0908 [-\]: no, blackrain.
petri [10k\]: kgs 8d-9d maybe 1p
zedi [8k?\]: even when you reach 9 dan level youre still nowhere near being able to become pro
peshawar [12k\]: E6
hikari99 [3d\]: 9d is a mixed bag here
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Abbadan, the joke's long been gone... *cry*
royu [4d\]: most 9d on this server cannot be pro
blackrain [19k\]: i play on igs
abbadan [?\]: :(((
grmaster [5k?\]: may be M13 first
blackrain [19k\]: so the rankings here are strange
chon107 [13k\]: who's leading
runtt21 [?\]: so dose everyone else here blackrain
jkjkjk: no way unknownplr is amateur
Misma1d [1d\]: royu: Do you mean the time you spent to go from 3d or 7d, or the skill?
KoGeima [1d?\]: w... a little bit
nigulh [15k\]: how many pros are there in the world?
Ciovo [9k\]: F1
royu [4d\]: both
gryn [16k?\]: yesh if you look, 9 is the highest, but the system actually knows if you are a virtual 10, 11 etc. (look at the graph)
blbn [1k\]: o16
Misma1d [1d\]: well, i do not belivie the skill but the time
blbn [1k\]: o16
abbadan [?\]: I think a p knows a lot about history, teaching, etc., not onla to play
jkjkjk: kgs 10d >= 1p?
Ariel74 [?\]: it seems to be a _very_ close game
abbadan [?\]: only*
Misma1d [1d\]: To become shodan goes quite fast, 6-8 months. But from 1-5 d probably some years
Ariel74 [?\]: but now b gets to play
Misma1d [1d\]: But 1kyu can give 30k more then 30 stones, and i doubt that a 6d can give a 2d 30 stones ;))
plusQ [20k\]: P15
Am [6d\]: ?ансов нет....
gryn [16k?\]: jk jk traditionally 7d-9d amateur can qualify as 1p. but kgs rankings are not the same sa real amatuer rankings
Am [6d\]: обьективно ?ансов нет....
Doping [-\]: 7f=1p
Am [6d\]: но подождем итога....
Doping [-\]: 7d
nofun [1k\]: traditionally there is no 9d amateur
Ariel74 [?\]: what are you saying Am ? :-)
IvanIV [17k?\]: i bet a 1kyu give me 13 stones will loose that game
jkjkjk: b's choice in the lower right made this a hard game for him
;B[fg]CR[fg]BL[1360.662]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: Ам - примерно сколько &#152;лья проигрывает?
gryn [16k?\]: nofun yesh 8d used to be the highest.
;W[gf]CR[gf]WL[2234.041]C[BuckCentre [21k?\]: I could give 30kyu... 13stones?
royu [4d\]: this type of discussion comes up all the time in kgs, someone should make an FAQ for it
blackrain [19k\]: there is dispute but the average rankings by the japanese go dictionary rates a 5 dan amature as a 1 dan pro
grmaster [5k?\]: M13 or E14 ?
Cuda [7k\]: i have given two different peple 25 stones and won, not realyl fun games those ;)
blackrain [19k\]: so that makes me a 26kyu pro
zedi [8k?\]: is it just me or is white going to die everywhere :)
petri [10k\]: With current japanese rank inflation 5d needs 3-4 stones handicap from 1p
royu [4d\]: japanese go is not strong recently so it's not so much the standard now
Doping [-\]: there are 8dans Amateurbecause the pro exam is only till 30
blackrain [19k\]: true the dictionary was from 1978 :(
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I think 1kyu giving me 9 stones has a high probability to lose that game :)
ReadOnly [8k\]: cho chikun 2k igs but 9p
royu [4d\]: only in the US does it have so much influence, because of the translated Go literature here
;B[nd]CR[nd]BL[1264.442]C[zedi [8k?\]: hmm
zedi [8k?\]: if b had played F14
zedi [8k?\]: w then?
jkjkjk: whats the first prize for this tourney?
oren [14k?\]: I checked AGA ranks after this discussion started, Feng Yun is 10d. I've never seen that before
XY0908 [-\]: O16, a nice yose move!
guinas [17k\]: O16 it's good !!
guinas [17k\]: wirgt
OhMichel [21k\]: 10d is a titlei think
jkjkjk: whats the first prize for this tourney?
Ariel74 [?\]: It's ws style to leave it thin everywhere, now like a man going on to his sixties - all kinds of ailments slowly break out
TotoroShan [15k\]: w a little ahead no ?
oren [14k?\]: No, it's a rank, not a title
jkjkjk: who cares what her AGA rating is...
;W[nc]CR[nc]WL[2164.876]C[abbadan [?\]: e 14
;B[oe]CR[oe]BL[1256.875]C[jkjkjk: whats the first prize for this tourney?
;B[mc]CR[mc]BL[1254.777]C[ReadOnly [8k\]: F14 look g14 useless
XY0908 [-\]: but gote...
jkjkjk: whats the first prize for this tourney?
zedi [8k?\]: Can white make 2 eyes near L11?
IvanIV [17k?\]: maybe a crown?
runtt21 [?\]: 250 $ us
jkjkjk: whats the first prize for this tourney?
FlameBlade [-\]: yes, zedi
;W[do]CR[do]WL[2124.96]C[jkjkjk: thx
;B[cp]CR[cp]BL[1251.855]C[Ariel74 [?\]: is this a tournament that we are watching?
zedi [8k?\]: how?
XY0908 [-\]: why not b played at F1, A15 first?
FlameBlade [-\]: miai connection E14 and P14
FlameBlade [-\]: and P14 is either connection or an eye
nofun [1k\]: f1 a15 is privilege
;B[np]CR[np]BL[1245.208]C[zedi [8k?\]: oh yea P13 can be an eye
;W[nq]CR[nq]WL[2097.425]C[jonkafact [14k\]: w r11?!
;B[ja]CR[ja]BL[1237.043]C[TheCaptain [4d\]: looks like w will win
jkjkjk: A4 now
Ciovo [9k\]: E1
;W[ap]CR[ap]WL[2064.008]C[Ciovo [9k\]: no, sorry :)
;B[aq]CR[aq]BL[1234.114]C[Storken [9k\]: a4 first
;B[br]CR[br]BL[1231.999]C[jkjkjk: t7
KoGeima [1d?\]: а где у белого глаза если его сначала порезать в E14
KoGeima [1d?\]: ?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Whoa
BuckCentre [21k?\]: KoGeima knows how to speak Korean!
Meyerhold [16k\]: ...
gryn [16k?\]: that's no korean
cjmichael [19k\]: lol
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Hehe
bluedemon [3d?\]: no kill...
jkjkjk: russian
KoGeima [1d?\]: russian
KoGeima [1d?\]: :))
OhMichel [21k\]: yeah russian
boulgour [25k?\]: lol
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I know I know.
jkjkjk: t7
gryn [16k?\]: well it's probably russian :)
BuckCentre [21k?\]: That was a joke.
royu [4d\]: i wonder if b l2, j2 then k4 can cause any trouble
OhMichel [21k\]: not funny
BuckCentre [21k?\]: :(
jkjkjk: royu i was looking at the same thing
jkjkjk: such a funny shape
IvanIV [17k?\]: for me it was funny
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I know what Russian looks like, I study chess.
TheCaptain [4d\]: you got to stop with those jokes that keep flying over our heads, BC
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Thanks Ivan!! :)
XY0908 [-\]: komi is the biggiest enemy to roln...
runtt21 [?\]: lol
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Sorry, my captain. :(
RobAnybody [15k\]: It's Russian. GoKeima asks where are w eyes if bE14
joelr [10k?\]: s9?
wideangle [2k\]: m13 now?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Oh captain, my captain...
Ariel74 [?\]: BuckCenter, you need to begin to make better jokes before you can hope to become a 9p :-)
SILD [7k\]: lol
Midorya [4k\]: у белого глаз в P13
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Arrgg... that was a big blow to my self-esteem, Ariel :(((
Cello [8k\]: KoGeima asks what :"where are white 's eyes if black play e14"?
TheCaptain [4d\]: maybe if you had said Jewish...it might have got a laugh...dunno
nigulh [15k\]: white second eye=T7?
Doping [-\]: T7?
royu [4d\]: t7 seems good
gryn [16k?\]: eye or connection in ko if white plays p14
jkjkjk: i said t7 3 times already
bluedemon [3d?\]: whitw wins right?
RobAnybody [15k\]: midorya says w has eye at p13
XY0908 [-\]: midorya?
gryn [16k?\]: russian name :)
RobAnybody [15k\]: maybe kogeima meant if b played e14 in the past
RobAnybody [15k\]: not right now
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Captain, I speak Korean, so that's why it was a joke...
runtt21 [?\]: is that like a magic 8 ball?
IvanIV [17k?\]: p13 is an empty triangle but no eye
XY0908 [-\]: BuckCentre...
IvanIV [17k?\]: o it is
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Ya?
jkjkjk: on another note, backpast plays funny Go
IvanIV [17k?\]: damn sorry
Ariel74 [?\]: is w thinking whether he should waste a move to connect the middle w group back and risk running behind in the endgame and lose by 0.5 pts, or whether he ought to risk losing the middle group?
grmaster [5k?\]: wow
XY0908 [-\]: tell us a joke in Korean then ;-)
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Hmmmm
petri [10k\]: middle grou is alive
grmaster [5k?\]: B has nice tesuji in W bottom shape ^^
RobAnybody [15k\]: ivanIV: wp14, bo15, wo13
damekichi [2d\]: E14 and P14 are miai for the middle white group
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Let's see :0
davidwatt [7k\]: w has E14 , P14 and T7 surely
grmaster [5k?\]: W has to protect it now
ReadOnly [8k\]: nice shape
Ariel74 [?\]: thanks damekichi :-)
BuckCentre [21k?\]: XY, I'm sorry I don't know any :((
Ariel74 [?\]: so he is not thinking what I think he is thinking :-)
damekichi [2d\]: he s counting
erzeccrfe: w wins,right?
;W[kh]CR[kh]WL[1729.146]C[gryn [16k?\]: hey i was thinking h9 :)
joelr [10k?\]: s9 makes an eye, because if s9, s10, then r11 is connect-and-die
kdfghkl: h9 also 2 eyes
jkjkjk: c8 looked bigger
Misma1d [1d\]: w ahead
kdfghkl: but its about getting points, more than enough eyes
jason1987 [4k\]: no= =
joelr [10k?\]: oops, no.
myao [?\]: w+1,5
KoGeima [1d?\]: no
grmaster [5k?\]: B can play M2 H2 and then K4
Ariel74 [?\]: but not by much Misma :-)
KoGeima [1d?\]: w +10 +-
Misma1d [1d\]: komi
Pingu007 [1k\]: f6
Misma1d [1d\]: little less
shimago: they already know the outcome by now ?
Ariel74 [?\]: w played with too much nonchalance in the beginning...
Am [6d\]: фа......
Am [6d\]: партия очень близкая.
Misma1d [1d\]: Shouldn't it be a little more myao?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I'd try j5 :)
grmaster [5k?\]: B wins this game if he crashes W bottom now ^^
Ariel74 [?\]: Am, can you translate that into english :-)
Am [6d\]: sorry....
jkjkjk: nothing happens at the bottom...
RobAnybody [15k\]: na skoljko blizka, Am?
nofun [1k\]: surely wont crash it with m2 h2.
RobAnybody [15k\]: he says its very close
KoGeima [1d?\]: very close game
Am [6d\]: its very close now1
jkjkjk: b has no eyes man...
Midorya [4k\]: he said game is very close
Am [6d\]: !
chrpa [6k\]: grmaster, can i describe the whole sequence, please
Ariel74 [?\]: now w is counting :-)
chrpa [6k\]: *can you
damekichi [2d\]: 1 or 2 pts
Am [6d\]: twenty moves ago w has much better...
Ariel74 [?\]: I mean b
grmaster [5k?\]: M2 L2 H2 J2 H1 J1 M1 L1 then B hits K4
Misma1d [1d\]: W has around 60p
BuckCentre [21k?\]: What's a good go book for a beginner?
damekichi [2d\]: 61.5 white, 59 black...
jkjkjk: lol grmaster...wtf
grmaster [5k?\]: how W can protect it? seems impossible ^^
Misma1d [1d\]: b 55
SunWuKong [1k?\]: janice kim series
KoGeima [1d?\]: ouch
shimago: Go for beginners
MaxPowa [12k\]: Fundamentals of Go by kageyama Buck
kamiu [19k?\]: @buckcentre: 1001 life and death problems
RobAnybody [15k\]: grmaster, what follows after k4
shimago: By Iwamoto
KoGeima [1d?\]: Gr - seems you right :)
Ariel74 [?\]: bin is also around, maybe he will play a game later ?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I think I'm over Janice Kim series level :(
chrpa [6k\]: after k4 follows k5?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Except the 5th one,
jkjkjk: bin is gone...
royu [4d\]: w+3.5
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I haven't read 5th one
jkjkjk: royu uses all powerful SE
SunWuKong [1k?\]: ok lectures in go techique by cho hyun yun
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Thanks kamiu :)
Cleric [6k\]: w + 3.5
shimago: se is screwed up
erzeccrfe: fundamentals of kageyama the best to beggin with
royu [4d\]: i played it out actually
Cleric [6k\]: not se
ReadOnly [8k\]: w+komi
petri [10k\]: these players think more in endgame than in fuseki
Cleric [6k\]: i finished it offline
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Isn't that same book as 조?&#152; 바둑첫걸음 활용편, SunWu?
RobAnybody [15k\]: I can't see anything coming out of k4
davidwatt [7k\]: nothing wil lol
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Cause I'm done with that book
damekichi [2d\]: k4 is a dream ^^
chrpa [6k\]: it is interesting, if it happens
IvanIV [17k?\]: wow cleric, so fast, wonders this 9ds need so long for that
shimago: K4 is not a vital point
grmaster [5k?\]: well I am wrong probably W can just L3 or J3
davidwatt [7k\]: or just capture the two black stones
menglei [?\]: ?
RobAnybody [15k\]: or outright take the m1 and h1 groups you propose
XY0908 [-\]: I think W wins by 0.5 point.
Cleric [6k\]: b find way to victory
SunWuKong [1k?\]: ok b uck then kageyama next for you
grmaster [5k?\]: but B can try other sequence may be ^^
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Thank you :)
shimago: My bet is that w wins by 0.25 points
ReadOnly [8k\]: B start to resign
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Fundamentals of Go, was it?
ReadOnly [8k\]: thats hard move
IvanIV [17k?\]: im a roln111 fan go hooligan **
Aterfeles [17k\]: black win with 0.5
SunWuKong [1k?\]: yes buck
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Thank you very much :)
jkjkjk: has flyingo played backpast yet?
runtt21 [?\]: lol a go hooligan
chon107 [13k\]: W,leading 1.5?
RobAnybody [15k\]: what do go hooligans do? Go and disturb chess tournaments? :P~
runtt21 [?\]: rofl
IvanIV [17k?\]: same like soccer hooligans do make noise drink beers ...
Ariel74 [?\]: what do you guys think b is thinking?
erzeccrfe: fart hard
JoeZawinul [10k\]: b E6?
royu [4d\]: b can try l2 j2 k4 and get an interesting shape but in end it loses points
davidwatt [7k\]: count count count:)
Ariel74 [?\]: about the lower w group?
FlameBlade [-\]: black is probably trying to compute best endgame
jkjkjk: no way, b's time increased!
TheCaptain [4d\]: b is thinking...where can i find an extra three or so points?
WizardSS [16k\]: did he go get lunch or something?
jkjkjk: w added time
jkjkjk: lol
Ariel74 [?\]: or is he arranging all the endgame moves in his head, and trying the find the optimizing sequence :-)
grmaster [5k?\]: may be he has just bad connection ^^
jkjkjk: or out on the board he is using
Ariel74 [?\]: "trying to"
Cleric [6k\]: endgame is simple now
erzeccrfe: or simply countng and seeing he lost
runtt21 [?\]: blk a15
ReadOnly [8k\]: B have some magic spell
Ringelpiez [12k\]: flyingo is already sleeping
wideangle [2k\]: or just find out no room for win this game
Ariel74 [?\]: exactly because the endgame is simple now....
menglei [?\]: .
davidwatt [7k\]: b looking to find triple ko
Ariel74 [?\]: otherwise it wouldn't be possible
shimago: both are sleeping
erzeccrfe: trying to see something in the bottom
Ariel74 [?\]: to do the sort of optimisation...
Ariel74 [?\]: in your head
BuckCentre [21k?\]: lol Black hasn't moved yet!
Doping [-\]: trippleko rofl
ReadOnly [8k\]: 250 $ big :)
chenfan [22k\]: B q1?
tempo1 [15k\]: can anyone advice why k4 is no good?
Cleric [6k\]: L19 was double sente, nice move
RobAnybody [15k\]: Yeah, the game finished 50 moves ago, only we low kyus don't knw it ;)
royu [4d\]: roln111: let's mess with the spectators and just sit here :) flyingo: hehe sounds like fun
ReadOnly [8k\]: k4 god move
BuckCentre [21k?\]: LOLOLOLOL royu
Ariel74 [?\]: royu:-)
boulgour [25k?\]: lol too
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Now THAT's a good joke!!
RobAnybody [15k\]: tempo: for k4, you have two groups, m1 and h1 which are dead
Doping [-\]: we miss the divining move! *g*
Ariel74 [?\]: Buckcenter, that's not a bad joke...
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Master Royu, will you take me in as your apprentice?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I would like to learn from you the art of joke making :)
ReadOnly [8k\]: nah
shimago: 300 people watching a sleeping game....
royu [4d\]: i can teach you engrish
blbn [1k\]: w loses 0,5-1,5 points
BuckCentre [21k?\]: lol
XY0908 [-\]: I will have my lunch and a drink or two... can you please give me a call when the game's over at 212 xxx-xxxx, buck?
kamiu [19k?\]: 300??
ReadOnly [8k\]: like waching meijin game
jkjkjk: b's time increases once again
jkjkjk: WTF
BuckCentre [21k?\]: 212... WHAT??!!
TotoroShan [15k\]: well....will b play or not .....
boulgour [25k?\]: that's the magic of go shimago
Batavia [11k\]: W+time?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Hmm... I'll try to XY :0
jellyroll [7k\]: just a free game, why not?
asa31 [8k?\]: D9?
TheCaptain [4d\]: maybe its past b's bedtime in russia, and daddy sent him away
jkjkjk: why do these guys not play rated games
;B[kr]CR[kr]BL[392.299]C[jkjkjk: no fun
;W[lr]CR[lr]WL[1725.103]C[BuckCentre [21k?\]: WOW
;B[ir]CR[ir]BL[391.351]C[Batavia [11k\]: yay
IvanIV [17k?\]: here we go!
TotoroShan [15k\]: wow....
davidwatt [7k\]: haha:)
jellyroll [7k\]: they are too good to play rated....
Enmar [11k?\]: omg
ReadOnly [8k\]: this
Solus [-\]: MOVEMENT!
Quickpaw [7k\]: well, well, well...
KoGeima [1d?\]: ouch
ReadOnly [8k\]: OMG
WL[1719.196]C[jkjkjk: lost
;B[jp]CR[jp]BL[390.515]C[jkjkjk: this is dumb
davidwatt [7k\]: super move:)
petri [10k\]: tournament games are free
BuckCentre [21k?\]: CALL CALL, XY, they have moved.
damekichi [2d\]: it s not working
blbn [1k\]: final fireworks!
jkjkjk: k3
Storken [9k\]: k3
ReadOnly [8k\]: semeai
davidwatt [7k\]: its a seki........... really
jellyroll [7k\]: this won't work
shimago: is that a way to resign or is it semedori ?
grmaster [5k?\]: it can't be seki
TheCaptain [4d\]: believe it or not, i looked at this offline...but couldnt see any way for b
davidwatt [7k\]: hehe
royu [4d\]: b dies but w can't play the wrong move
grmaster [5k?\]: semidori
BuckCentre [21k?\]: XY,, I think they were waiting for you to go eat lunch :(
IvanIV [17k?\]: more harakiri?
damekichi [2d\]: tenuki ? ^^
davidwatt [7k\]: hehe ivan:)
Batavia [11k\]: what's semidori?
Doping [-\]: seki, i'm impressed
jkjkjk: funny how it took b so long to do this
royu [4d\]: it's not a seki...
asa31 [8k?\]: roln111 is a child , it's amusing to see that!
Doping [-\]: no
Doping [-\]: ?
royu [4d\]: no
Doping [-\]: what then
jellyroll [7k\]: semidori is playing inside to create a grp that must be killed, alowing you to fill libs on outside and making opponent play inside his own.
royu [4d\]: b dies
Pingu007 [1k\]: he is 16 or so..
jkjkjk: Black Death.
Wolfi [12k\]: it just cost black points, didn't it? but doesn't matter because he was behind anyway..
Pingu007 [1k\]: not exactly a child..
petri [10k\]: BUt B had to try or resign
royu [4d\]: maybe lost some points too, but i guess he counted he was behind and hoping for w's mistake
ReadOnly [8k\]: hopeless move or God move
Ariel74 [?\]: seki means symbiothesis??
Ariel74 [?\]: sort of?
horacelamb [8k\]: means that both are alive
keiminoru: myabe he calculated, that white has to capure and so loses more points ...
asa31 [8k?\]: pingu007 ==> 16 is young for a 9 dan
asa31 [8k?\]: ^^
Aleksm [4k?\]: if b just play sente yose hi'd win by 1.5
jkjkjk: coffee black and egg white...
davidwatt [7k\]: keiminoru: if that worked it would be a god move:)
petri [10k\]: not possible i think o1 and f1 were sente before
jkjkjk: i am colorblind...
IvanIV [17k?\]: i need a vodka
jkjkjk: i am ready, i am ready, i am ready i am...
jellyroll [7k\]: maybe this gains a point or two
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Now white is going to spend 20 minutes LOL
royu [4d\]: w easy to make a surround shape that doesn't have to capture - this sequence is desperation and loses pts for b
asa31 [8k?\]: lol
shimago: ok, got to wait another 20 minutes again :-)
Tsche [1k\]: k3 is only move
asa31 [8k?\]: L 3 or J3 seems to work
z4 [12k\]: f1 and o1 were nice yose moves before this
ReadOnly [8k\]: this game look more easy for kyu player LOL
wideangle [2k\]: seems k3 now?
jellyroll [7k\]: l3 j3 probably ko
chon107 [13k\]: only .5/1.5 makes b to invade
grmaster [5k?\]: the pirce of mistake will be really huge ^^
FlameBlade [-\]: white probably shouldn't have added time :)
TheCaptain [4d\]: maybe we are witnessing live what will become a famous go example in years to come....
TheCaptain [4d\]: this could be go history, folks
gryn [16k?\]: *thinks*
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I highly doubt that.
Robitussin [?\]: um, just l5 or j5
gryn [16k?\]: nah.....
Tsche [1k\]: b want to liberal fight
Batavia [11k\]: it will be go history
petri [10k\]: Are u sure w added time. Is it allowed in tournaments?
Ringelpiez [12k\]: K3
chrpa [6k\]: yes, let it happen :)
asa31 [8k?\]: J 3 and L3 are good,...with a connexion
abbadan [?\]: yes, Cap
Batavia [11k\]: the guestion is if anyone will remember
IvanIV [17k?\]: goproblems.com w for harakiri
Ariel74 [?\]: this will certainly be history...like everthing else :-)
wideangle [2k\]: this shape will ended in book...or maybe already in
abbadan [?\]: I will
MaxPowa [12k\]: sorry to be obtuse, but why would this be history?
royu [4d\]: j3 and l3 are bad
Ariel74 [?\]: and since it is a go game
IvanIV [17k?\]: b i mean
IvanIV [17k?\]: oO
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I think Ima go watch StarWars.
jellyroll [7k\]: i witnessed jujo's orion joseki on igs!
shimago: actually this is a famous life and death problem by Jowa
Ariel74 [?\]: it will become go-history :-)
MaxPowa [12k\]: i've only just joined
davidwatt [7k\]: because it is in the past
Robitussin [?\]: nothing b can do here but make w lose 2 points by capturing
TblKBA [7k\]: like proverb says "play in the middle"
blbn [1k\]: k3 only move
jellyroll [7k\]: k3 seems right....
Batavia [11k\]: it certainly made white think
jkjkjk: has there ever been this many kibitz in a single game?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Ya probably.
Batavia [11k\]: yes, i've seen more
davidwatt [7k\]: for 250$ its worth thinking:)
Tsche [1k\]: if w here 3pt lose means game lose
runtt21 [?\]: record is 408
runtt21 [?\]: tartrate vs. weems
Wolfi [12k\]: tartrate vs something with w...
Wolfi [12k\]: thx :)
Enmar [11k?\]: 408 what?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Tartrate vs. Sendol
runtt21 [?\]: people
Montchik [14k\]: k3 gives 1 pt to b ?
Wolfi [12k\]: 408 viewers
TheCaptain [4d\]: well, this game will break that record soon enough
MaxPowa [12k\]: chimps
ReadOnly [8k\]: flyingo call say ask the best move , and now whos called by flyingo
jkjkjk: o
ReadOnly [8k\]: SAI
Enmar [11k?\]: nah,record was when they tested sound:)
jkjkjk: i meant number of kibitz
Enmar [11k?\]: more than 1000 came
jkjkjk: notobservers
MaxPowa [12k\]: why is this game special. It's just another 9d game...
Ariel74 [?\]: you think these guys use off-line boards to help them play out variations???
asa31 [8k?\]: the private demonstration give a better audience
IvanIV [17k?\]: who read this out?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Tartrate vs. Charm, was it...
jkjkjk: sure Ariel
Ariel74 [?\]: that would be stretching the game of go...and it's practice...
TheCaptain [4d\]: this game is special because honour of Mother Russia is at stake....
Cleric [6k\]: b + res? :-)
Ariel74 [?\]: of doing everything in your head.
asa31 [8k?\]: 5 minutes of reflexion
Ciovo [9k\]: unknownpl vs aguilar with 600+ people :)
Wolfi [12k\]: anybody downloaded and watched tartrate vs weems?
Robitussin [?\]: because, MaxPowa, it shows more of 9d strength, not just another blitz game
Ariel74 [?\]: why is that captain??
Ariel74 [?\]: what does this have to do with the honor of mother russia?
IvanIV [17k?\]: honor of russia, yes pretty good :)
limon: I think white iis going to win!
MaxPowa [12k\]: ok, i'm guessing I'm missing some history on who roln is then
jkjkjk: roln is a statue
MaxPowa [12k\]: The Fischer of the freezing wilds?
jellyroll [7k\]: i thought there was no more Russia....
BuckCentre [21k?\]: Bobby Fischer!
lumacx [8k\]: lol
IvanIV [17k?\]: what ? no russia?
MaxPowa [12k\]: he's shaved the beard then
RobAnybody [15k\]: exit USSR, (re)enter Russia
abbadan [?\]: No S.U, but Russia lives!
TheCaptain [4d\]: obviously this is not so simple to answer...otherwise w would have just hurled down his stone in contempt
jellyroll [7k\]: i can't keep track of all the russias....
tildebis [16k\]: wow a ko
IvanIV [17k?\]: russia still lifes in seki
Ariel74 [?\]: Ivan :-)
Wolfi [12k\]: ko? where?
Enmar [11k?\]: seki here will means b`s win
shimago: i am glad i am not a 9d, don`t have to read all those comments
RobAnybody [15k\]: ivan, yes, but doesnt have the territory!
jellyroll [7k\]: my new art project - still lives in seki
Batavia [11k\]: shimago, the plays can't read these comments
Batavia [11k\]: palyers
Batavia [11k\]: players
shimago: sure they can
jellyroll [7k\]: pealyrs
chrpa [6k\]: :)
abbadan [?\]: after game
IvanIV [17k?\]: k4 will be russia!
RobAnybody [15k\]: jelly ;) but in other languages, still lifes are called naturemort
asa31 [8k?\]: 8 minutes
Doping [-\]: they can, but wont read ;)
;W[jq]CR[jq]WL[1122.645]C[Cleric [6k\]: nice!
Montchik [14k\]: i call this leads to a ko at P1 :D
;B[kq]CR[kq]BL[376.838]C[IvanIV [17k?\]: simple endgame cleric?
jellyroll [7k\]: as lnog as frsit and lsat ltetrs in palce, you can raed it....
grmaster [5k?\]: finally they finished thier job ^^
Cleric [6k\]: let's see what b wants
;B[iq]CR[iq]BL[370.324]C[ReadOnly [8k\]: :)
Kaizen [11k\]: triple ko
grmaster [5k?\]: B wants ko
Cleric [6k\]: p blays like a pro
davidwatt [7k\]: haha:)
asa31 [8k?\]: kaizen???
AHAHAC [3d\]: seems like seki
grmaster [5k?\]: ko for everything ^^
;B[jr]CR[jr]BL[364.726]C[IvanIV [17k?\]: ko for cash
Batavia [11k\]: purple plays like a pro?
Batavia [11k\]: sorry blays like a pro
Cleric [6k\]: *b plays* I mean
TblKBA [7k\]: nothing there?
jellyroll [7k\]: multi step ko..... b can't win it can he?
Frodo [10k\]: why not K5 at first?
Arctic [2d\]: b is dead, thats for sure, will b gain endgame points from this is thee question
atashi1: is this final??
Wolfi [12k\]: why didn't black play k5?
zban [6k?\]: b deperation
ReadOnly [8k\]: this shape look strength
tildebis [16k\]: K5 works
wideangle [2k\]: h1 or m1
kilroy [7k\]: becuase K5 L1 K2 J1
jellyroll [7k\]: if k5, w l1 k2 j1
jellyroll [7k\]: 7k think alike
atashi1: who will win will be winner of tournament??
Cleric [6k\]: roln111
Ariel74 [?\]: which tournament?
Am [6d\]: not sure
Tsche [1k\]: j1 or l1
Ariel74 [?\]: is this match a tournament match?
abbadan [?\]: O, I see smthg!
atashi1: yes
SunXi [6k\]: O1 ?
Am [6d\]: need to count SOS and SODOS
Ariel74 [?\]: if so, which one?
Frodo [10k\]: no
Cleric [6k\]: fly lost his game against kaleopa actually
Ariel74 [?\]: I mean which tournament is this?
Frodo [10k\]: flygo is on 5th place
atashi1: Am, can wee the list of games? winners and loosers
IvanIV [17k?\]: where? where? where?
runtt21 [?\]: master tournament
jellyroll [7k\]: h1
kimball [?\]: perhaps cutting after k 3 was better, gaining 2 yose points
Frodo [10k\]: and roln 1place
atashi1: where is the list frodo?
grmaster [5k?\]: it was beautiful game in any case ^^
Am [6d\]: first 4 place qualified in play-off
gryn [16k?\]: triple ko?
asa31 [8k?\]: roln first?
Aleksm [4k?\]: turnamant final will next week
Storken [9k\]: where can u fins the results?
grmaster [5k?\]: the players can be proud of it ^^
hikari99 [3d\]: bring on the pain, roln..
atashi1: i see
atashi1: who beat flyinggo?
abbadan [?\]: w can lose his o 5 group.
Batavia [11k\]: tripple ko would certainly be interesting
Cleric [6k\]: kaleopa did
Ariel74 [?\]: j1 or l1 would be fine, oder?
Cleric [6k\]: game has wrong result
Am [6d\]: [weiqi.ru]
Wolfi [12k\]: oder nicht? :)
chrislo [12k\]: please help : conclusion of that situation ?
atashi1: thx Am
Ariel74 [?\]: unknownplr and flyingo, wo is stronger?
asa31 [8k?\]: yuukikki ^^
;W[jo]CR[jo]WL[850.741]C[Fukurokuji [12k\]: and what is the situation of backpast?
asa31 [8k?\]: good choice
tildebis [16k\]: yes
Cleric [6k\]: well
FlameBlade [-\]: ah
FlameBlade [-\]: hmmm
Am [6d\]: seki on ko.
tildebis [16k\]: B looses
Tsche [1k\]: f1
Wolfi [12k\]: m1
runtt21 [?\]: backpast is 3-1
davidwatt [7k\]: triple ko for sure:P
galak [9k\]: H1
abbadan [?\]: m1
Cleric [6k\]: nice shape
shimago: F1
hikari99 [3d\]: hm
Tsche [1k\]: f1 or o1
MysticoN [10k\]: K1
RobAnybody [15k\]: is roln lagged or what? Hasn't he calculated all moves in advance, why is he thinking?
Kaizen [11k\]: h1 and tiple ko ?
MysticoN [10k\]: oh no
atashi1: wow kaleopa did well
hikari99 [3d\]: there is no triple ko
chrpa [6k\]: k1 hmm
hikari99 [3d\]: the only ko is k4
myao [?\]: W wins
gryn [16k?\]: not much of a table
nasnad [?\]: k1 :)
gryn [16k?\]: more of a jaggy list
tildebis [16k\]: yes W wins
Am [6d\]: b will win here (for me)
BuckCentre [21k?\]: RobAnybody, it doesn't quite work like that.
MaxPowa [12k\]: w may live, but b wins a point or two
BuckCentre [21k?\]: You still want to calculate.
atashi1: could anyone join to this tournament?
Enmar [11k?\]: Am , уже просчитал?:)
quailard [11k\]: O1makes ko
Wolfi [12k\]: may b get a ko out of this somehow?
davidwatt [7k\]: byo-yomi:)
IvanIV [17k?\]: no am tildebis knows w will win
Am [6d\]: там будет ко... думаю, оно будет тяжелым для белого
myao [?\]: zdrast am :>
tildebis [16k\]: :)
chon107 [13k\]: Ko i think
atashi1: pity, i missed this tournament :(
RobAnybody [15k\]: Am, gde eto "tam"? k4?
BuckCentre [21k?\]: I know for a fact that in chess, if you think you've calculated everything out and just play out the moves, the chances are, you're probably wrong somewhere in your calculation.
cortomagic [12k\]: black can still win
;B[is]CR[is]BL[225]C[blanc [8k?\]: hello
Krepta [17k\]: 350 ppl now
cortomagic [12k\]: strong threats
IvanIV [17k?\]: uh uh uh
;W[jq]CR[jq]WL[844.354]C[AHAHAC [3d\]: что тут считать? секи на ко
Cloudi [17k\]: how still playing
Cloudi [17k\]: huh*
;B[cl]CR[cl]BL[225]C[chon107 [13k\]: wow
Am [6d\]: сейчас черному надо отыграть 6 очков
asa31 [8k?\]: w+2.5?
Batavia [11k\]: C10
Ariel74 [?\]: roln is going to have problem with time...
abbadan [?\]: here is your ko
petri [10k\]: he has worked it out already
IvanIV [17k?\]: roln knows what to do now
IvanIV [17k?\]: he thought 20 minutes about
shimago: only needs a few points
RobAnybody [15k\]: ну как можно секи - к2 сли?ком бол?ая, нет?
;W[cm]CR[cm]WL[793.322]C[folgo: how old are roln?it is his foto?
;B[jp]CR[jp]BL[225]C[AHAHAC [3d\]: w spent 10 min on K3
davidwatt [7k\]: ko...
TblKBA [7k\]: N7
shimago: multistep
tildebis [16k\]: R11
Fukurokuji [12k\]: but b cant win this ko i guess
FlameBlade [-\]: b probably can't win this ko, but will get something.
ReadOnly [8k\]: no ko please :)
gryn [16k?\]: not multi step
jellyroll [7k\]: but b will get two moves somewhere... will it be enough?
blanc [8k?\]: lory say get a positive attitude
chon107 [13k\]: w,need to treat his lead about 3.5
tildebis [16k\]: W R11
Batavia [11k\]: 351 kibizers
RobAnybody [15k\]: how is a seki virtually possible, the j1 group is too big, istn't it?
;W[jf]CR[jf]WL[725.703]C[Storken [9k\]: n7
Cloudi [17k\]: J1 group is dead?
Batavia [11k\]: size doesn't mather in seki
TheCaptain [4d\]: seems like b has to win this ko at least 2 times before it becomes dangerous
kyrilin [12k\]: what has size of group to do with seki-able
grmaster [5k?\]: W has enough threats it seems
;B[fs]CR[fs]BL[225]C[davidwatt [7k\]: :O
IvanIV [17k?\]: wow!
Cleric [6k\]: !
;W[jq]CR[jq]WL[719.814]C[Batavia [11k\]: wow
Am [6d\]: wow....
Enmar [11k?\]: ха
TheCaptain [4d\]: wow...b all or nothing!
Am [6d\]: what for?????
kamiu [19k?\]: huh...
davidwatt [7k\]: KIll Kill Kill
ReadOnly [8k\]: done
abbadan [?\]: g1
;B[nb]CR[nb]BL[225]C[Aleksm [4k?\]: for fun :)
Am [6d\]: why didnt answered??
quailard [11k\]: O8
chon107 [13k\]: climax
;B[jp]CR[jp]BL[225]C[jkjkjk: b lost no matter what happens
AHAHAC [3d\]: going to kill
Cloudi [17k\]: if black can get seki its more then J13 stone?
hikari99 [3d\]: b has threat factory on top
;W[hs]CR[hs]WL[690.353]C[AHAHAC [3d\]: E1
quailard [11k\]: E1
kamiu [19k?\]: i think so
Uvas [-\]: exciting
ReadOnly [8k\]: E1 L!
;B[es]CR[es]BL[225]C[Batavia [11k\]: i wonder if black has a ko threat that is big enough after E1
;B[na]CR[na]BL[225]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: =))))))))))))))))))))
KoGeima [1d?\]: Go Go roln
atashi1: ignore
chon107 [13k\]: b,had a good chance
Frodo [10k\]: :)
grmaster [5k?\]: ko for everything ^^
jellyroll [7k\]: if ignore b wins
jkjkjk: b already lost
gryn [16k?\]: roin roin roin :)
RobAnybody [15k\]: he doesnt need too big, just 3-4 points (ot whatever he was losing in the beginning)
chon107 [13k\]: coulnt ignore
ReadOnly [8k\]: w have N7
jellyroll [7k\]: w trouble
TheDoctor [14k\]: how big is w r11 as a threat?
netgoseki [16k\]: can the players see all this chat?
davidwatt [7k\]: nope
runtt21 [?\]: no
gryn [16k?\]: net no.
tildebis [16k\]: R11 is nice
jellyroll [7k\]: w doesn't have big enough threats...
netgoseki [16k\]: ok good
davidwatt [7k\]: not till after the game
royu [4d\]: i'm really confused why w played the way he did on bottom
cortomagic [12k\]: black wins
petri [10k\]: he was losingt like 3 pts and lost 2-3 more by not playing the hanes on 1st row
blbn [1k\]: so many tricks in go!
davidwatt [7k\]: wonder it whites ears are red?
Am [6d\]: i predict b win
TheCaptain [4d\]: petri...if b didnt need to do this...he would not have...you can be sure of that
chon107 [13k\]: agree with Am
KoGeima [1d?\]: Am - agree :)))
petri [10k\]: he neede it but he needs quite many point from ko
hikari99 [3d\]: these threats are big enough~
kimball [?\]: logic mon capitain?
Am [6d\]: w has N7 threat
AHAHAC [3d\]: seems w can ignore
JohnSmith [-\]: If white lose would he enter the playoff?
hikari99 [3d\]: w can ignore..
theolddan [1k\]: but if it works he should have gone through this for sure cap
cortomagic [12k\]: blask has 8p threat
jellyroll [7k\]: if w ignore, b gains enough to win
quailard [11k\]: b have O8
KoGeima [1d?\]: bP8
;W[oa]CR[oa]WL[514.172]C[chon107 [13k\]: 13 pts threat?
;B[jp]CR[jp]BL[225]C[blbn [1k\]: black has so few ko threats
petri [10k\]: more that 8 points
FlameBlade [-\]: P8 bad threat.
Uvas [-\]: wee
Tsche [1k\]: w lost
MTheory [10k\]: B doesnt seem to have that many threats
chocho [13k?\]: L1
hikari99 [3d\]: w wins
Tsche [1k\]: its painfull
;W[if]CR[if]WL[489.748]C[nigulh [15k\]: 375 observers
KoGeima [1d?\]: G1
ReadOnly [8k\]: :)
KoGeima [1d?\]: ??
grmaster [5k?\]: N7 is only thing B can't ignor there ^^
davidwatt [7k\]: G1
;B[gs]CR[gs]BL[225]C[jkjkjk: w wins now
cortomagic [12k\]: roin
tildebis [16k\]: yes
ReadOnly [8k\]: W realy play :)
cortomagic [12k\]: winsssssssss
keiminoru: why not n7?? as a thread for white??
;W[jq]CR[jq]WL[482.683]C[cortomagic [12k\]: roin
cortomagic [12k\]: roin
Cloudi [17k\]: O8
jkjkjk: b just got owned
Cloudi [17k\]: ?
Frodo [10k\]: M19 now too small
atashi1: nice game
Krepta [17k\]: o8
jkjkjk: no chance for b no
jkjkjk: w
z4 [12k\]: p8?
jonkafact [14k\]: n7 & p8
ReadOnly [8k\]: n7 blank spot for W
Batavia [11k\]: a ko threat for the game
jkjkjk: resign
Batavia [11k\]: P8 big enough?
;B[ma]CR[ma]BL[225]C[jkjkjk: ignore
davidwatt [7k\]: seems to small
Enmar [11k?\]: ...
jellyroll [7k\]: big enough to win....
;W[jp]CR[jp]WL[466.29]C[Cloudi [17k\]: why not P or O8?
skywaalker [6k\]: p8 offers threat for white
;B[la]CR[la]BL[225]C[ScorPuS [11k\]: O8 better
hikari99 [3d\]: w win
jkjkjk: w lost
Frodo [10k\]: :(
tildebis [16k\]: R11
RobAnybody [15k\]: why not m19?
WizardSS [16k\]: that is what I was going to ask
jkjkjk: w win i mean
chocho [13k?\]: S19 T18
Uvas [-\]: b+2.5
tildebis [16k\]: White R11
jkjkjk: b lost
RobAnybody [15k\]: l19 sorry
AHAHAC [3d\]: b lost!
KoGeima [1d?\]: enought for winn seems :))
MTheory [10k\]: game over
jkjkjk: resign now
damekichi [2d\]: b lost
kilroy [7k\]: black can get seki in TR
jkjkjk: b must resign
Frodo [10k\]: T18
Fukurokuji [12k\]: no
ReadOnly [8k\]: w+ 0.5
chocho [13k?\]: RIGHT TOP CONNER
;W[md]CR[md]WL[438.062]C[tildebis [16k\]: W R11 isn't enough to win ?
chon107 [13k\]: b,leading now
Zalf [6k?\]: is alive
jkjkjk: gote seki
ReadOnly [8k\]: k16
shimago: another ko ?
hikari99 [3d\]: hm
jkjkjk: w will fix it in time
erzeccrfe: closer but b still loses
Batavia [11k\]: N15 for another ko?
jkjkjk: so b lost
grmaster [5k?\]: T18 can make seki probably
hikari99 [3d\]: w gets k14 in sente; game over
Tsche [1k\]: if w works w win
hikari99 [3d\]: *k15
FlameBlade [-\]: wild finish.
jellyroll [7k\]: l15 next for w
jkjkjk: G1 lost the game!
jellyroll [7k\]: i mean b
royu [4d\]: crazy ending, w could have ended it much simpler
;B[ld]CR[ld]BL[180]C[chon107 [13k\]: superb game
gryn [16k?\]: why not threaten P8 before (instead of N19)
;W[je]CR[je]WL[423.843]C[jkjkjk: G1 killed the game for b
;B[of]CR[of]BL[180]C[Ciovo [9k\]: what??
ReadOnly [8k\]: royu , flyingo is entertainer Go :)
Tsche [1k\]: w won
kimball [?\]: p8 gives white 2 threats
grmaster [5k?\]: B can win still
hikari99 [3d\]: w safe;
chon107 [13k\]: w,should leading now
Tsche [1k\]: now definitive
shimago: threatens a seki ?
;W[ke]CR[ke]WL[396.782]C[damekichi [2d\]: L15
hikari99 [3d\]: got back his lead, b's capture null..
;B[le]CR[le]BL[180]C[damekichi [2d\]: t17
AHAHAC [3d\]: T17
jellyroll [7k\]: b risked all to win...
jellyroll [7k\]: only chance...
Ciovo [9k\]: why white N16?? i don't understand...
hikari99 [3d\]: t18
Frodo [10k\]: N15
Am [6d\]: w wins
vogelfrei [13k\]: poin5ts
SunXi [6k\]: w T8
;W[sb]CR[sb]WL[364.01]C[Fukurokuji [12k\]: resing now
;B[fn]CR[fn]BL[180]C[IvanIV [17k?\]: o
vogelfrei [13k\]: why not t18?
;B[dk]CR[dk]BL[180]C[vogelfrei [13k\]: t 17
;B[ae]CR[ae]BL[180]C[Estrica [11k\]: ko possibility
chon107 [13k\]: Great try roln
;B[cj]CR[cj]BL[180]C[Enmar [11k?\]: нет бы сразу так...
IvanIV [17k?\]: game over o no
;W[bj]CR[bj]WL[345.453]C[Uvas [-\]: cutting into leead
hikari99 [3d\]: t18 and t17 are gote; t18 is better gote
;B[sl]CR[sl]BL[180]C[ReadOnly [8k\]: w count well
tildebis [16k\]: W R11 no ?
tildebis [16k\]: and it's finished
damekichi [2d\]: s9
;W[af]CR[af]WL[321.477]C[RobAnybody [15k\]: n7
;B[ad]CR[ad]BL[180]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: now its over
;B[pj]CR[pj]BL[180]C[tildebis [16k\]: ah :)
;W[sd]CR[sd]WL[309.078]C[Ciovo [9k\]: can anoyone tell me why white N16? and black didn't close the atari?
;B[re]CR[re]BL[180]C[Hikaruwaya [26k?\]: yea
ReadOnly [8k\]: Fly In Go
;W[ns]CR[ns]WL[294.377]C[jellyroll [7k\]: because w l15 worked then...
;B[pr]CR[pr]BL[180]C[asa31 [8k?\]: resign ^^
Ciovo [9k\]: how?
gryn [16k?\]: hit the resign button.
lumacx [8k\]: 375 ppl
asa31 [8k?\]: white is winning
vogelfrei [13k\]: o17
;W[ng]CR[ng]WL[234.766]C[shimago: this game is past the resignation point
;B[ik]CR[ik]BL[180]C[hikari99 [3d\]: resignation point? weird
DnF [6k\]: what is a resignation point...?
kimball [?\]: either cutting k 16 ot taking all stones to the right with m 15
;W[fa]CR[fa]WL[225]C[shimago: resigning would spoil the fun at this stage
;B[sm]CR[sm]BL[180]C[asa31 [8k?\]: no shimago, the difference between these players is big
asa31 [8k?\]: ^^
tildebis [16k\]: W has 2 eyes in the center ?
tildebis [16k\]: ah yes
;B[df]CR[df]BL[180]C[Paien [10k\]: yo asa bien ou quoi ?
;W[sc]CR[sc]WL[225]C[grmaster [5k?\]: W wins komi
;B[me]CR[me]BL[180]C[erzeccrfe: feur
;W[nd]CR[nd]WL[225]C[asa31 [8k?\]: ouais et toi ?
Frodo [10k\]: N7
;B[rj]CR[rj]BL[180]C[antic [-\]: kgs kibitz: "Resign resign resign resign resign resign resign resign resign resign resign...." *W+1.5* "OMG!! I told you w wouldn't resign!!!"
;W[hj]CR[hj]WL[225]C[ReadOnly [8k\]: N7 no pt
;B[jk]CR[jk]BL[180]C[Paien [10k\]: ca va :) pas trop dur la prépa ?
;W[kl]CR[kl]WL[225]C[Frodo [10k\]: yes
;B[gm]CR[gm]BL[180]C[RobAnybody [15k\]: why s10?
;W[dm]CR[dm]WL[225]C[Ciovo [9k\]: N7
;W[nl]CR[nl]WL[225]C[asa31 [8k?\]: si c dur mais bon ^^ on s'y fait
;W[gh]CR[gh]WL[225]C[Paien [10k\]: comme tu dis ^^
;B[]BL[180]C[Paien [10k\]: un manque certains de travail le week end personellement ;)
;W[]WL[225]TW[pa][qa][ra][sa][rb][ag][ig][jg][ah][bh][ai][bi][hi][ii][ji][ki][li][aj][kj][lj][ak][al][am][bm][em][an][dn][io][ko][iq][kq][ir][jr][kr][is][js][ks][ls][ms]TB[aa][ba][ca][ka][ab][bb][cb][db][kb][lb][mb][ac][cd][dd][sf][rg][sh][qi][ri][si][qj][sj][rk][sk][bq][cq][dq][qq][ar][cr][dr][rr][sr][as][bs][cs][ds][qs][rs][ss]C[Cloudi [17k\]: S10 he will need that late
Paien [10k\]: mé bon :S
Cloudi [17k\]: later
JoeZawinul [10k\]: blsck missed one point?
Hikaruwaya [26k?\]: no
asa31 [8k?\]: moi aussi
asa31 [8k?\]: une grosse concentration sur le go ^^
Paien [10k\]: t es interne toi aussi ?
FlameBlade [-\]: very good game
asa31 [8k?\]: yep
roln111 [9d\]: thx
golem59 [17k\]: офигенно
davidwatt [7k\]: good game
kimball [?\]: good game
flyingo [9d\]: thx
chon107 [13k\]: Well-done flying
tildebis [16k\]: nice
Doping [-\]: very good game
chon107 [13k\]: xgame
WWtJD [28k?\]: damn
AntonF [-\]: congraturations!
boulgour [25k?\]: gg
Azuiel [12k\]: impressive
RobAnybody [15k\]: ofigenno indeed ;)
myao [?\]: flyingo was our teacher under 05 china trip
IvanIV [17k?\]: good fighting roln!
WWtJD [28k?\]: that was a good game
cortomagic [12k\]: very interesting
asa31 [8k?\]: roln l'a mauvaise§ ^^
Hikaruwaya [26k?\]: hahahaha
chon107 [13k\]: clap my hands for both
abbadan [?\]: very goog game
grmaster [5k?\]: very close game
Enmar [11k?\]: коми
Am [6d\]: ПОЛУФ&#152;НАЛ В СЛЕД В&#152;КЕНД!
abbadan [?\]: good*

Re: Games from 4 round
23, January, 2006 12:58  
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[CycaHuH]PB[kaleopa]BR[5d]DT[2006-01-22]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[kaleopa [5d\]: !
;B[pc]CR[pc]BL[3808.801]C[CycaHuH [-\]: ...
;B[sn]CR[sn]BL[989.468]C[atashi [?\]: is this a tournament game too?
;W[fo]CR[fo]WL[135]C[DEMBEL [8k\]: Yes
;B[ni]CR[ni]BL[901.525]C[atashi [?\]: who is w? seems pretty strong
;B[hd]CR[hd]BL[791.624]C[DEMBEL [8k\]: See info
atashi [?\]: i cant read kyril
;B[hl]CR[hl]BL[781.276]C[DEMBEL [8k\]: Dmitry Ezhov
atashi [?\]: thx
;B[]BL[781.276]TW[aa][ba][ca][sa][ab][bb][cb][sb][ac][bc][cc][sc][ad][cd][sd][be][ce][le][se][lf][qf][rf][sf][kg][lg][mg][ng][sg][kh][sh][dn][co][do][eo][ap][bp][cp][ep][kp][mp][aq][bq][cq][dq][eq][jq][kq][lq][nq][oq][pq][ar][br][cr][dr][er][fr][ir][jr][kr][lr][mr][nr][or][as][bs][cs][ds][es][fs][gs][hs][is][js][ks][ls][ms][ns][os][ps][qs]TB[ga][ha][ia][ja][la][oa][ib][mb][nb][pb][gc][hc][ic][nc][oc][gd][nd][ge][he][ie][ef][ff][if][eg][fg][gg][hg][ah][eh][fh][gh][hh][ai][bi][di][fi][gi][hi][pi][aj][cj][dj][ej][gj][hj][ij][jj][nj][ak][bk][ck][dk][ek][gk][hk][ik][jk][kk][ok][pk][al][il][jl][kl][ll][im][jm][hn][jn][on][pn]C[XATXOP [1d\]: Ҹ
Am [6d\]: ,
kaleopa [5d\]: thx
CycaHuH [-\]:
Am [6d\]: !
Am [6d\]: !
kaleopa [5d\]: ?

Re: Games from 4 round
23, January, 2006 12:58  
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[dotanuki]PB[backpast]WR[7d]BR[9d]DT[2006-01-22]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[backpast [9d?\]: have a good game!
dotanuki [7d?\]: hi plz teach me a lot
;W[dp]CR[dp]WL[3822.826]C[RedPrince [-\]: goooooooooooooooooooo alex!!
;W[dc]CR[dc]WL[3816.666]C[RedPrince [-\]: o dotanuki!!
;W[bf]CR[bf]WL[1159.952]C[backpast [9d?\]: thx
dotanuki [7d?\]: gg
Am [6d\]: так....
dotanuki [7d?\]: thx
Am [6d\]: Са?а, не пропусти полуфинал!!
backpast [9d?\]: :)
Am [6d\]: встречаемся через неделю....

Re: Games from 4 round
23, January, 2006 12:59  
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[jim]PB[sheehan]WR[7d]BR[4d]DT[2006-01-22]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]RE[W+4.50]
;B[pd]CR[pd]BL[3821.228]C[sheehan [4d\]: hi
jim [7d\]: Hi
;B[cr]CR[cr]BL[3611.631]C[KoGeima [1d?\]: :))
;W[en]CR[en]WL[3539.856]C[Tsche [1k\]: D10
Tsche [1k\]: big
;W[gl]CR[gl]WL[3526.986]C[Tsche [1k\]: atari
;W[ij]CR[ij]WL[3198.388]C[Javaness [5k\]: interesting game
Javaness [5k\]: how much can black make white suffer
Javaness [5k\]: perhaps P12?
;W[ig]CR[ig]WL[3072.925]C[Javaness [5k\]: J14 gives more ajji
yuanjnpn [8k\]: &#20013;&#22269;&#21152;&#27833;&#65281;&#65281;&#65281;
;W[gi]CR[gi]WL[3071.034]C[Javaness [5k\]: E17 perhaps?
yuanjnpn [8k\]: &#36865;&#20182;&#20004;&#23376;&#26827;&#20063;&#36194;&#65281;
yuanjnpn [8k\]: &#25910;&#22909;&#23448;&#21363;&#21487;&#12290;&#12290;&#12290;
;W[ri]CR[ri]WL[2546.32]C[Javaness [5k\]: i think black is ahead
hemaka [15k\]: must wait
Javaness [5k\]: E17 is big in gote
;W[po]CR[po]WL[1918.338]C[hemaka [15k\]: M13?
;B[kl]CR[kl]BL[180]C[Raiden [5k\]: m13 l12
;W[pq]CR[pq]WL[1568.798]C[Javaness [5k\]: B17 last ko threat
;B[]BL[180]TW[aa][ba][da][ea][fa][ga][ha][ia][ja][la][ab][bb][db][eb][fb][gb][hb][mb][ac][bc][cc][hc][ic][ad][bd][ae][ce][bf][ag][sg][rh][qi][hj][rj][ik][qk][rk][mp][kq][kr][lr][nr][ms][ns]TB[od][ne][oe][pe][gf][mf][nf][of][pf][hg][ig][jg][lg][mg][ng][og][pg][jh][kh][lh][mh][ci][cj][bk][al][bm][nm][an][bn][gn][hn][rn][sn][ho][io][ro][so][ap][bp][hp][ip][rp][sp][rq][sq][ar][br][rr][sr][as][bs][qs][rs][ss]C[sheehan [4d\]: thx
jim [7d\]: thx
Javaness [5k\]: close game
jim [7d\]: it was y
jim [7d\]: your game
jim [7d\]: fuseki was to good for u
sheehan [4d\]: which one?
Javaness [5k\]: i thought maybe black E17 was possible?
jim [7d\]: beghining was to good for u
sheehan [4d\]: agree
sheehan [4d\]: no time in the end
jim [7d\]: see u
jim [7d\]: bye
sheehan [4d\]: cu

Re: Games from 4 round
23, January, 2006 13:00  
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[Sand]PB[XATXOP]WR[2d]BR[1d]DT[2006-01-22]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]C[Sand [2d\]: hi
Sand [2d\]: lets begin and enjoy a great game
;B[pd]CR[pd]BL[3711.581]C[XATXOP [1d\]: hi
XATXOP [1d\]: good luck
;B[gb]CR[gb]BL[1890.821]C[Frodo [10k\]: &#152;ль, бей его!
;B[dd]CR[dd]BL[1830.949]C[Frodo [10k\]: круто :)
;B[nk]CR[nk]BL[1311.832]C[Frodo [10k\]: убить бы ей эту группку
;B[on]CR[on]BL[1284.619]C[Frodo [10k\]: :((((
;W[rj]CR[rj]WL[2061.965]C[XATXOP [1d\]: thx
Sand [2d\]: thank you

Re: Games from 4 round
23, January, 2006 13:01  
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RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[3600]OT[5x45 byo-yomi]
PW[Satir]PB[SaSatigr22]WR[1k]BR[2k]DT[2006-01-22]PC[The Kiseido Go Server (KGS) at [kgs.kiseido.com]]RE[B+Resign]
;B[pd]CR[pd]BL[3822.395]C[SaSatigr22 [2k\]: !
Satir [1k\]:
Satir [1k\]: !
;W[dp]CR[dp]WL[3803.606]C[SaSatigr22 [2k\]:
;B[pq]CR[pq]BL[3806.941]C[Satir [1k\]: ,
;W[dd]CR[dd]WL[3581.751]C[SaSatigr22 [2k\]:
;B[fq]CR[fq]BL[3799.961]C[Satir [1k\]: ... -.-
;B[lm]CR[lm]BL[3674.169]C[SaSatigr22 [2k\]:
;B[cm]CR[cm]BL[2894.992]C[Frodo [10k\]: :)
;B[cs]CR[cs]BL[2711.722]C[Frodo [10k\]: A11
;B[ng]CR[ng]BL[2608.944]C[Frodo [10k\]: O12
;B[ph]CR[ph]BL[2569.386]C[Frodo [10k\]:
;B[nj]CR[nj]BL[2549.216]C[Satir [1k\]:
;B[oj]CR[oj]BL[2546.45]C[SaSatigr22 [2k\]:
;B[ke]CR[ke]BL[2439.992]C[SaSatigr22 [2k\]:
;W[lc]CR[lc]WL[1251.661]C[Satir [1k\]:
;W[rl]CR[rl]WL[1138.17]C[SaSatigr22 [2k\]:
;B[rj]CR[rj]BL[2212.375]C[Satir [1k\]: 2
;W[ql]CR[ql]WL[1110.293]C[SaSatigr22 [2k\]:
;B[pr]CR[pr]BL[2177]C[Satir [1k\]: F19
;B[ps]CR[ps]BL[2026.482]C[Satir [1k\]:
SaSatigr22 [2k\]:
Satir [1k\]: ?

Re: Games from 4 round
26, January, 2006 01:53  
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