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he European Go-congress-2014: Anyway I congratulate Romania on a victory!

Михаил Емельянов на rugo.ru Эксперт Го
13, August, 2010 17:55   Об авторе Фотографии автора Партии автора Набор Го автора
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The Go-congress 2014 will be spent in a city of Sinai, Romania. We asked Igor Grishin’s opinion about loss of russian application.

Igor Grishin on russian-mongolian tournament in Ulan-Baatar.

Igor Grishin: To win, it is necessary to offer the best game conditions, to consider errors. I believe that anything terrible has not occurred. Defeat learns to much. I consider that Romania quite good replacement to Petersburg. There are conclusive pluses. First, the warm sea. Secondly, normal kitchen. Thirdly, level of the organization of Romanian Go Federation much exceeds level of the organization of the Russian Federation Go(baduk), which was making an application. And hotel “S.-Petersburg” not the best place for carrying out of the European Go Congress. And the previous venue in Petersburg, so-called «washer», it is inadmissible. In Russia there are many interesting cities. Why it cannot be Yekaterinburg or Tolyatti in which this year has taken place 3-monthses Go game festival? It is necessary to “change a plate”, to show to the European and Asian visitors new, unknown for them. Anyway I congratulate Romania on a victory!

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